6 Islamic Apps to Track Sehr and Iftar Timings During Ramadan

Managing strict schedules of prayers and fasting during Ramadan has become easy due to the introduction of Islamic applications on smartphones. People today rely on their smartphones for doing business, entertainment among other things. These apps are a wonderful way to stay in touch with the daily routine of prayers and the Ramadan timing for Sehar and iftar. This article shares some of the best Ramadan apps to get in touch with the Ramadan timing for Sehar and Iftar for your knowledge. The apps will not let you forget the praying times or even the direction of Kaaba.6 Islamic mobile Apps

Let’s have a look at these below:

1- Islamic Pocket Guide:
Islamic Pocket Guide is a Blackberry smartphone application that shares 5 prayer times from Fajr till Isha. The app also includes Qibla direction, Ramadan timing for Sehar and iftar and offers a lot more information for Muslims. The app is in Indonesian language and is popularly used by them. It can be downloaded for free on the Blackberry App World.

2- iPray:
iPray is a great Islamic application available for iOS devices. The application shares Ramadan timing for Sehar and iftar, Qibla direction and prayer timings among other details. The app receives updates each year with an updated Ramadan calendar for the Muslims.

3- Muslim Pro: Azan & Quran:
Muslim Pro: Azan & Quran is a popular Islamic app in the list of Islamic applications. The app comes equipped with an animated Qibla compass, prayer time notifications, Ramadan timing for Sehar and iftar, Holy Quran verses with translations in different languages such as German, French and Turkish. With more than 500,000 downloads, the app is extremely popular and is available for download on the Android market.[adsense]

4- Ramadan Calendar 2016:
Ramadan Calendar 2016 is an app developed by Brilliant Innovators. The app features Ramadan timing for Sehar and Iftar, prayer timings and important duas to recite during the Holy month. The app is the fairly new and is the latest addition to the list of Islamic apps available for tracking Ramadan timings on android devices. Downloaded free.

5-Muslim’s Prayers times:
Muslim’s prayers time is another great app to track Ramadan timing for Sehar and Iftar. The app has got 12,000 user reviews on the Playstore. It also has other features such as alarm for the 5 Islamic daily prayers, Qibla position, moon phases among other Islamic events. Six calculation methods are used to know about the exact prayer time.

6-Ramadan Kareem:
Ramadan Kareem is a unique Islamic app that offers Ramadan timing for Sehar and iftar. It also includes a Quran calculator for determining the number of pages you need to recite everyday to finish Quran during the month. It has free Radio and TV streams to share Islamic content along with interesting iftar and sehr recipes for the month. The app also shares guidelines on what to do and not to do during Ramadan.

There are many other Islamic apps which will provide you with the Ramadan timing for Sehar and Iftar, however you can check out the ones listed above to be punctual with your prayers during the entire month. Let us know what you think and have a great Ramadan!