5 Things to Know Before Getting A Group Exercise Certification

When you instruct a group as a fitness trainer, the activity can take different forms. While you can get certification in group exercise, you can also lead a group as a pilates or yoga instructor or use your knowledge to instruct an indoor cycling group. Water aerobic instructors and personal trainers can also lead exercise groups.

However, to earn certification, you should first focus on getting an endorsement in group exercise. Understanding group dynamics and creating a setting for camaraderie represents the concepts of the course. The idea is to maintain engagement so members in the class can realize their fitness goals for getting into shape.


Making a Successful Connection

If you wish to increase revenue and credibility, this type of certification is worth getting. Not only will your clients see improvement, you will develop the types of relationships that lead to fitness success. Additionally, with the help of a personal training tracking software, you’ll be able to generate leads and successfully manage your clients efficiently.

So, what things do you need to know first before embarking on a course that covers group ex. certification?

While some people relate fitness to exercising on their own or to seeking counsel from a personal trainer, group exercise offers a legitimate workout as well.


Leading a Fitness Group: What You Should Know

You can work up a sweat and get fit from group workouts, such as aerobics, pilates, kickboxing, or yoga. Your expertise in holding group workouts will increase by understanding the nature of this form of social exercise. The following 5 tips will also give you the secrets your need to know for leading a group exercise class.


1. You Can Change the Program

When you conduct a group workout, you can make adjustments to the program as you go along. This is especially true if you notice that some of the members are struggling with the routine. Therefore, choreographed exercises can be changed and you can pare down the number of repetitions, if needed, as well.


2. Divide the Members in a Group to Customize Routines

You can also divide members into groups so they are performing exercises that meet with their abilities. Therefore, when you lead a group exercise program, you can be flexible. By getting certification, you can obtain further insight into what your members require and how you can assess their strengths and weaknesses.


3. You Can Teach Group Classes Online

While you can practice social distancing in exercise classes onsite, you can also take the group experience online. Not only can you create videos, you can set up a website that will give your class members instructions about the proper way to eat and exercise. By going online, you can encourage and motivate students to sign up and find time for exercise.


4. Group Exercise Makes It Simpler for People to Lose Weight or to Get into Shape

As a fitness leader in a group setting, you can make it simpler for people to lose weight and get into shape. While you will serve as an anchor for the group, the people who take part in the exercise activity will add to the overall energy.

Not only is exercising in a group a friendlier activity, it serves to inspire those who feel more secure when they have other people’s support. Plus, group exercise is less expensive than working one-on-one with a personal trainer.

People who exercise in a group find it more fun to engage in a group activity. By encouraging your students, you can keep this type of feeling alive.


5. You Can Earn a Good Wage by Getting a Certification for Group Exercise

Regardless of how much you like working out and helping others, you still have bills to pay and obligations to meet. Fortunately, group fitness instructors are paid well in the fitness industry.

According to ZipRecruiter, a group fitness instructor makes, on average, a little over $50,000 per year or about $24.00 per hour. Therefore, you will make about $975 per week if you work full-time or just over $4,200 per month.

The site adds that top earners make close to $72,000 per year. Therefore, obtaining a certification in group fitness instruction can end up giving your fitness career a decided boost.

If you apply at a workout facility or gym, certification is normally mandatory. Therefore, if you are serious about leading a group exercise program, you need to get certified. By taking a certification course, you can enhance your communication skills by learning how to take the reins in an exercise group.