5 Popular Types of Supply Management Solutions


The post-pandemic goals of global companies may include creating and maintaining strong supply chains. In 2020, the global economy declined by about 5%, as per earlier projections. This fact is critical as the world economy begins to recover from the worldwide stock market crash caused by the COVID-19 pandemic last year. A plausible approach to this is supply management solutions that tackle various facets of a company’s operations, including the following:

  1. Ordering Management

This is a critical part of the supply chain and involves various steps, from sales quotes to order fulfilment. This entire process needs to be as smooth as possible to avoid errors and bottlenecks. An SMS can help achieve that goal through methods like automating functions.

Studies show that one-third of online shoppers don’t complete their online orders, according to Inc. It’s thus essential for companies to make the process as trouble-free as possible. Accuracy is a critical factor to make sure customers receive the products they’ve ordered.

  1. Financial Management

It’s critical for your company to receive, process, and report financial information accurately. This is yet another way a system for supply management can benefit your company. Studies show that just 40% of Australian startups survive after three years of operation. One of the critical features for staying in a competitive market is maintaining accurate financial records.

This is another area where automation can help to prevent errors. One of the most important goals is to provide financial information promptly. This allows different people and groups in the supply chain to make better decisions. An SMS can also ensure that the information provided is error-free.

  1. Warehouse Management

This involves various factors like inbound and outbound products and inventory management. Even if your company experiences a spike in sales, bad warehousing management can reduce profits and profit margins. It’s important to use a warehouse management system to prevent such issues.

Cloud is a powerful tool that can provide fast, accurate, and cost-effective warehousing information. This is an alternative to storing warehousing data on-site, which can cause issues like higher costs and less free floor space.

Cloud computing also provides other benefits like multi-user and collaboration. Warehouse workers can also access data through mobile devices like mobile phones. Moreover, for businesses looking to streamline their operations, they offer fulfilment services, allowing for efficient order processing and delivery management.

  1. Better Scalability

As your company expands, it’s important to use a supply chain system that offers scalability. For example, statistics show that two-thirds of Australian online businesses sell internationally. If your company goes global, it’s critical to scale up processes like the supply chain.

It’s also critical for your company to be flexible about market dynamics. This can include different factors like the effects of the coronavirus crisis on different markets.

Such factors can affect the supply and demand in countries. Today it’s important for companies to make necessary adjustments to adapt to a fluid global economy. An effective SMS can allow your company to make changes related to factors like ordering and warehousing.   

  1. Automated Payroll

Companies must accurately process payroll on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. This includes various factors, including taxes, deductions, and benefits. For example, the payroll tax for most Australians is 4.75%.

Using an SMS can help to make sure your company is processing payrolls in an accurate and timely manner. This can help to provide on-time paychecks, minimise errors, and avoid fines.

These factors can maintain your company’s supply chain effectively by providing salary and hourly employees with the money they’ve earned. An automated payroll system can eliminate problems caused by manual payroll systems.

Your company can experience several benefits through supply management solutions. This includes ones related to inventory, payroll, and scalability. Ultimately your business’ supply chain can be more efficient and accurate, which can improve its bottom line.