5 Best Free Websites With Online Antivirus Scan 2019

Online Antivirus Scan 2019

A computer virus or a hacker wants to get into our computer to do damage and block the system, just to make us lose some time formatting or cleaning the computer. The modern viruses and the smartest hackers do not have the goal of damaging a computer for the sake of doing damage, but rather they want to exploit as many computers connected in a network to collect usage information, to expand the contacts to which to send advertising that classifies itself as spam and make money by keeping our personal data.Online Antivirus Scan 2019

The bad ones, as we all know, exploit viruses and malware to capture bank data or anything that has to do with money. If you believe that your antivirus is not sufficient to counter these threats, in this guide we will show you the sites that offer a free scan of your computer, so you can immediately check your PC. These online scans work directly inside the browser or, in some cases, by downloading small portable scanning engines; this is necessary because the control, correction and removal of viruses takes place through special codes executed through the browser or small programs, so as to be able to access our files and scan them.

1- ESET Online Scanner

One of the best online scans you can try is ESET Online Scanner . To try it, click on the button Scan now and wait for the download to finish, then start the esetonlinescanner.exe file . This portable tool will immediately download the virus signatures and scan the computer, so as to find and remove most of the threats. Obviously it is not as effective as the paid ESET solution, but it can be very useful for periodically scanning.

2- F-Secure Online Scanner

Another good online scan that you can test is F-Secure Online Scanner. Also in this case we will be asked to download a small portable program, able to quickly scan your PC. In the event that a threat is detected, it also provides a powerful cleaning tool, so you can effectively remove viruses, malware and spyware. Currently one of the best online scans to protect our PC: we recommend downloading it once a month and launching it, so as to check the level of computer infection.[adsense]

3- HouseCall

From the manufacturer Trend Micro you can download a free tool called HouseCall . On the main page you can choose whether to download the 64bit or 32bit version, based on the nature of our operating system, at the end of the download you will have a portable program ready to be executed. The online scan updates the online definitions and proceeds to the scan, looking for any kind of threat.

4- McAfee Security Scan Plus

McAfee is one of the best companies when it comes to computer security and offers, for free, a good online scanning tool called McAfee Security Scan Plus. Compared to other programs and tools seen so far, this does not offer a direct threat scan but allows you to check if the virus on your PC is up and updated, in addition to checking the correct operation of the firewall and Web security tools.

5- Microsoft Safety Scanner

Micrsoft itself downloads, via automatic monthly updates, a small online scanning tool, capable of eradicating a large number of threats. You can download the Microsoft Safety Scanner separately and start the scan. Once the download is complete, simply open it, accept the terms and conditions of use and click Next to start scanning your computer. After a few minutes you will have response with a list of any malware found. Their paths and the method of solving the problem. The scanning engine is the same as the Windows 10 antivirus, but since it does not remain active in memory, it can be faster and more precise in the threat scan.