5 Best Free Application To Test Dead Pixels On LED And LCD Monitor


While visiting the market to buy the monitor that is trying to be an expert with us, so we will be protected from any bad purchase monitor. CRT monitor era is almost over. Now everywhere the LCD or LED monitors can be seen. These flat screen monitors are better performance. LCD or LED screen monitors are made up of small pixels. Sometimes some of them are dead pixels, the tiny dots on the screen becomes. These softwares allow you to monitor, screen provides a full report.5-Free-Dead-Pixels-Checkers- It is no need to install this software, buying new Monitor you can test it easily with these Portable software. In this way you can avoid buying a bad monitor.

1- InjuredPixels:
An effective and money-saving solution for dead or stuck pixels on your display screen. it’s an awfully easy application which will be utilized by users of any talent level.InjuredPixels

2- Dead pixel tester:
Most famous software package applications, provide is named liquid crystal display that currently has over seven thousand users worldwide and was one amongst the highest applications for dominant LCD screens in it is time.DPT

3- Free Dead Pixel Checker:
Check for Dead Pixel(s) on your LED or LCD Monitor connected to a Windows Computer. This Free Utility display Red, Green and Blue Colored Window on all the Monitors connected to your Windows Computer in Extended mode.[adsense]Free Dead Pixel Checker4- Dead Pixel Buddy:

If you want to make sure your monitor is still in great shape, you can use the Dead Pixel Buddy. No need to be installed on your computer, simply run through USB flash drive and check the status of the monitors connected to any PC you work on.Dead Pixel Buddy

5- DeadPixel Locator:
DeadPixel Locator helps to locate and fix LCD screens dead pixels. Run perfectly on Windows Vista/XP/2000 with .NET Framework v2.DeadPixel Locator