5 Best Features of Vizio Smart TV Which Makes it All-Rounder for Entertainment to Your Home

TV has always been the best source of entertainment in your house for many years. With the advancement of technology, new mediums of entertainment were also introduced, and now our TVs have also become smarter. We have encountered with many great Smart TVs around us, and we simply like this new smart technology. But, Vizio D32ST254 Smart TV has something extra to offer, which particularly grabbed our attention! Vizio LED TV is a leading American brand, which is planning is set its footprints in Pakistan with the collaboration of leading online shopping store of Pakistan Yayvo.com.Vizio LED TV

After looking into Vizio D32ST254 Smart TV, we can surely say that it’s an All rounder TV for entertainment, and here are the reasons why!

1- Simply Beautiful Design:

Vizio Smart TV is made with the traditional plastic body with regular side edges. What we liked about its design is; it’s 32-inch compact size LED TV and weigh around 4.5 Kg so, you can easily move around in your house or can also mount on the wall. Moreover, it comes with two side stands, which reflects its appearance different from other LED TVs.

2- Better Picture Quality:

Vizio D32ST254 Smart TV delivers decent picture quality regarding its color contrast and black levels. Watching movies and playing video games on it was a quite good experience. Thanks to Full Array Screen technology, which handles light dimming accurately and you don’t get irritated while watching TV into the dark room.[adsense]

3- Internet Apps:

It is the best feature we found in the Vizio D32ST254 Smart TV. It has built-in useful Apps like Netflix, Amazon, Xumo, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube, Pandora and much more which you will love to have on your Smart TV. So, you can watch your favorite movies and seasons whenever you want via live streaming.

4- More Connectivity Options:

Generally, LED TVs have limited connectivity options like 1 USB and 1 HDMI ports which cause you the trouble of unplugging multimedia devices to attach other, but this won’t happen with Vizio D32ST254 Smart TV. Because it has 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports and you can easily connect multiple devices at the same time.

5- Its cost will Surprise you:

After reviewing its features and specs, we thought it would cost same as other traditional Smart TVs. But, we were surprised when we came to know about the actual price of Vizio D32ST254 Smart TV. Its actual price is Rs 19500 only! Which is almost 60% lesser than other Smart TVs that we will find in the market.Mega TV Days Yayvo

Final Words:

Vizio D32ST254 Smart TV offers all the great smart features, which you will find it in any expensive Smart TVs. Vizio is well-renowned for introducing budget LED TVs, and it has introduced two 32 inches LED TV models in Pakistan and both of these models are currently available at on Yayvo.com

• Vizio D32ST254 Smart TV Price Rs 18,335/-
• Vizio D3LE624 (Non-Smart TV – LED ) Price Rs 16,110/-