5 Advantages of Using Godex.io as Crypto Calculator


Godex.io is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is rapidly bringing innovative solutions to the crypto calculation and conversion industry. It is collaborating with the top platforms in the world to offer users the most attractive exchange rates and low fees, among other benefits.

Here are the top 5 reasons you don’t want to miss out on the Godex experience.

1. Fixed Exchange Rate

One of the biggest risks when buying crypto assets is their high volatility. Sometimes you click the exchange button only to receive a lesser amount of coins than you expected – the rates change by the time the transaction is completed.

To avoid this kind of frustration, Godex.io has guaranteed pricing. Therefore, what you receive is exactly the amount shown on your screen before you decided to go on with the conversion.

Fixed exchanges were originally used to reduce large fluctuations in fiat currency values and give confidence to investors. Godex.io brings the same advantages to cryptocurrency conversion.

The value that displays when you enter the amount you want to convert is exactly what you get should you choose to go through with the transaction. As a crypto trader or business owner who gets paid in digital coins, guaranteed pricing is just what you need. It saves you from a lot of uncertainties.

2. Absolute Transaction Security

Cybercriminals are busy all year round – so is the team at Godex.io. Just recently, hackers went commercial on an unprecedented level with the introduction of malware as a service. Almost anyone with a little skill in computers can now obtain malware and pose real security risks, from phishing to distributed denial of service (DDoS).

DDoS issues have particularly risen with the introduction of 5G. 2020 was marked by some of the most robust DDoS attacks. Amazon Web Service (AWS) reported the largest DDoS attack ever attempted within the first quarter of the year. It stood at 2.3 terabytes per second.

One safety advantage of the Godex crypto calculator is that you are guaranteed protection against DDoS through advanced security shields. Your transaction is also protected with an SSL certificate. This is a vital part of data encryption that helps guarantee authenticity as well as protect the confidentiality of your transaction.

3. Over 200 Listed Coins

How many altcoins do you know or are you simply planning to limit yourself to BTC? With the Godex.io cryptocurrency calculator, you will always be spoiled for choices. Having options empowers you to diversify your portfolio, minimize your losses, and acquire sophisticated trading skills. However, it doesn’t end there – the platform also keeps adding promising altcoins to the list. This provides users with opportunities for investment at every corner.

Cryptocurrencies come in thousands, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Not all of them are promising but most are. By having a wide range of options during your conversions on Godex.io, you are equipped to leverage the benefits of multiple coins.

For instance, BTC is great for being exchangeable with almost every other cryptocurrency. Ether is the fuel for navigating within the Etherium network, popularized for its smart contracts and DApps (decentralized apps). Litecoin is generated faster and offers shorter transaction times than Bitcoin.

If not for their individual strengths, you might also want as many options as possible, so you can take advantage of events that might prove profiting. Those can be when a coin is launching a new product or making an acquisition that might see its price soar.

4. Anonymity

Being able to remain anonymous was always a big part of the cryptocurrency journey. Godex acknowledges the importance and need for anonymity. As a result, the platform does not ask for any personal information from its users. You are not even required to sign up.

This level of privacy not only reinforces the security of your transactions but also gives you freedom and peace of mind. It protects the information that may as well be your wealth and decreases your chances of falling victim to cybercriminals.

Not forgetting, it saves you time by doing away with AML and KYC steps. These procedures are known to lock customers out of their online wallets for months at times. Some platforms are thought to do so intentionally, hoping that you forfeit your funds, as reported on bitcointalk.org.

By allowing users access to a crypto calculator anonymously, Godex.io also enables those who might not have formal IDs to still be able to participate in currency exchange. There is no reason why anyone can’t have a peek at the industry anymore![adsense]

5. No Exchange Limit

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t transact as much as you want to or have to exchange above an absurd minimum amount? Well, you don’t have to worry about that with Godex.

You can convert as much cryptocurrency as you want in a single transaction. As for the minimum transaction amount, it is as low as it can get and mostly only applies to coins that have a very low value. For some perspective, you can exchange as little as 0.003 BTC.


Godex.io is a carefully thought out and professionally designed platform that brings much-needed solutions to the cryptocurrency exchange world. It offers precisely what cryptocurrency users need to flourish in this new world of curiosity, knowledge, and innovation.