35 Top Freeware Applications Forever Use For Your Operating System

Freeware type of software you do not pay forever in any way. It is a valid choice for many home computer, office computer and Internet server uses. Free applications can be of the highest quality and should not be considered inferior to commercial products. Many programmers who will contribute a range of skills and resulting program can be tested and further developed. Freeware application comes in two basic types. First proprietary code free software and second open-source software. Below are top 35 higher quality freeware application helping you daily work on you PC.Freeware

  1. CCleaner: www.piriform.com
  2. Flash Player: www.adobe.com
  3. Shockwave: www.get.adobe.com
  4. Java Runtime environment: www.oracle.com
  5. Adobe Reader: www.adobe.com
  6. VLC Media Player: www.videolan.org
  7. Google Chrome Latest: www.google.com
  8. Firefox Latest: www.mozilla.org
  9. Silverlight: www.silverlight.net
  10. Avast! Free: www.avast.com
  11. Malwarebytes: www.malwarebytes.org
  12. Ad-Aware Free: www.lavasoft.com
  13. Advanced SystemCare: www.iobit.com
  14. Skype: www.skype.com
  15. µTorrent: www.utorrent.com
  16. 7-Zip: www.7-zip.org
  17. ITunes: www.apple.com
  18. AMD drivers: www.support.amd.com
  19. Nvidia drivers: www.nvidia.co.uk
  20. Ani video converter: www.any-video-converter.com
  21. YouTube Downloader: www.youtubedownload.altervista.org
  22. Universal USB Installer: www.pendrivelinux.com
  23. FormatFactory: www.formatoz.com
  24. DC++: www.sourceforge.net
  25. Glary Utilities: www.glarysoft.com
  26. IrfanView: www.irfanview.com
  27. Disk defrag: www.auslogics.com
  28. K-Lite Codec: www.free-codecs.com
  29. Dropbox: www.dropbox.com
  30. Google Drive: www.drive.google.com
  31. Quicktime: www.apple.com
  32. Google Drive: www.tools.google.com
  33. Sketchup: www.sketchup.google.com
  34. Picasa: www.picasa.google.com
  35. Google earth: www.google.com