13 Perfect Wine Captions for Instagram That Give You the Feel


If you enjoy wine, taking photos of yourself enjoying it and publishing them on Instagram is a terrific way to get the attention of other wine lovers. The difficulty with being so passionate about wine is that it can be difficult to come up with creative captions that accurately convey your appreciation for the wine.

Are you having trouble coming up with a catchy caption for a lovely photo of you drinking a glass of wine? If that’s the case, you’ve landed to the correct place. Hundreds of creative, trendy, and unique captions to describe your elegant wine photos on Instagram may be found here.

We all enjoy posting photos on Instagram, but the captions we use have a significant role in obtaining followers and likes. Captions give our Instagram photographs context and emotion, and they’re a great opportunity to show off our creativity. People spend a lot of time and effort getting the perfect photo, so why not give the caption the same amount of attention?

A good caption may complete the ideal Instagram post, whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply a casual wine drinker, and an eye-catching one will garner you more likes. Finding a nice wine caption, on the other hand, is difficult.

This is why we’ve compiled a collection of attention-getting wine captions so you can add some amazing remarks to your wine images.

So, go through the list, choose your favorite, and make an impression on Instagram.

  1. A nice glass of wine makes everything better.

Drinking wine in moderation has positive links with great health benefits including its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and lipid-regulating effects. It also reduces stress in the body which has clear links with many diseases, including cancers and heart disease. So, a glass of wine also prevents these diseases and helps living a healthy life.

  1. Cozy nights are made for wine.

This short and precise Instagram Caption will definitely grab the attention of your Instagram followers. The silence of night and freedom from all day’s hustle, make it a perfect time for drinking wine. The fun reaches to its climax when you plan a night out wine party with your friends and chill. Drinking wine at night times can reduce stress because it has such a naturally calming effect on the body leading you sleep well.

  1. Wine is a constant reminder that life is good.

Life is full of problems and can be extremely challenging sometimes however, having soothing and calming effects, the wine is one-size-fits-all solution to decrease the stress level and anxiety and improve your overall health. It reminds us that life is always not bad; it can be elegant and joyful too. Don’t forget to use this Instagram Caption next time when you post your wine photo on Instagram.

  1. So many wines, so little time!

There are more than 10,000 wine grape varieties in the world. But one can’t drink all types of wines at the same time due to limited time in this life. The wine lovers would love to grab all types of wine but literally, it’s not feasible due to shortage of time. This caption showcases your love for wine and will garner a lot of likes for you from  crazy wine lovers.

  1. Life without wine is no life at all!

Everything is better with alcohol and it makes you feel good to deal with your life miseries. It is rightly said that pain makes you stronger, tears make you braver, a shattered heart makes you wiser, and wine helps you forget everything. Wine lovers see no fascination in life without wine.

  1. It’s after work and time for happy hour.

After the daylong hard work at your workplace, the wine can be surprisingly refreshing. When you feel fed up by your routine life, just go for a glass of wine to break up your routine and elevate your mood.

  1. Never skip the wine for dinner!

A glass of wine is as necessary as dinner itself. Wine is like a nutritional liquid. Excessive consumption can be harmful to your health, boosting your blood pressure and increasing your risk of acquiring many types of cancer. If you drink too little, you may miss out on some of the health benefits that moderate drinkers experience, such as a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, mortality, and type-2 diabetes.A glass of wine with dinner every night could be the perfect quantity that’s why ensure the availability of wine in your dinner.

  1. Just keep living your life and I will keep drinking my wine.

This Instagram caption showcases a strong craze of a wine lover for wine drinking that irrespective of what is happening around him or what other people do, he will drink wine to quench his craze.

  1. Good wine deserves good food.

In combination with the right nutritious food, the wine has the potential to take on a completely distinct effect for the drinkers who can enjoy the fullest romance with it.

  1. Don’t drink the whole bottle!

Excess of everything is bad, same goes to drinking wine. You shouldn’t drink a lot of wine at one time rather drink it with moderation to get maximum of it.

  1. There are just certain moments where wine is the only answer.

In a world where stress and anxiety seem to be the order of the day, it becomes extremely important that we find ways to deal with this stress and overcome our anxiety. Fortunately, wine is a beverage that has been used for leisurely enjoyment, pleasure, and relaxation for generations. This is because wine, being an alcoholic beverage, has a number of sedative properties that relax your mind and body. Because alcohol has a naturally relaxing impact on the body, it can help to alleviate stress. For so many reasons, wine is one-size-fits-all solution to your problems.

  1. A glass of wine is always better on a beach.

The glass of wine can be surprisingly more joyful when served at a beach. The glamour and beauty of the beach further enhances its taste

  1. Drink wine, lose weight. Eat grapes, lose even more.

The good news is that you can have a drink without jeopardizing your weight-loss. Eating grapes, the raw material for most of the wines, can further accelerate your weight-loss process.


Wine is sometimes referred to as “liquid gold,” and there’s something special about a glass of wine paired with a creative Instagram caption

A photograph is worth a thousand words. This guideline is followed by wine aficionados on Instagram, who want to be “in” on all sorts of wine-related news, but how can they do so if their photos lack a caption?

The list above has a slew of elegant captions that will give your images the charm they’ve always lacked. So the next time you share a photo on Instagram or Facebook, you can be sure it will attract attention and gain followers!