12 Awesome Facebook Shortcut Keys For Chrome Users Only

Now a day Facebook is becoming the part of Internet lovers. Every user want to update his status, and profile and cover picture. If you are working on your system or laptop then know many shortcuts. Like this there are many options for Facebook also. These Facebook shortcuts are known as Facebook Unknown Shortcut Keys. These shortcut keys are only for the users who are using Google Chrome as the default browser. Help of these shortcut keys you can do many things like if you are on another page and you want to go to home page , then we click onto the Home button but there is also a shortcut for this. Like this there is also many shortcut keys for messages , pictures and many more. Check out those important shortcut keys, hope you will like.


Facebook Shortcut Keys For Chrome:

  • For opening the Facebook’s help center Press Alt + 0
  • Return To Homepage then you have to do Alt + 1
  • If you want to go on your Profile page then you have to press Alt + 2
  • For checking the pending friend requests press Alt + 3
  • For checking the unread messages press Alt + 4
  • If you are having the notification then press Alt + 5
  • If you want to change your account setting then go to Alt + 6
  • For account privacy press Alt + 7
  • For opening the Facebook fanpage go to Alt + 8
  • There are Facebook’s some policies and terms then go to Alt + 9
  • For Cursor control in Search Box click Alt + ?
  • For create new message click Alt + m