Zibra AI Celebrates New Milestone

According to Serhii Tokarev, co-founder of the tech company Roosh, these days, Ukrainian startup Zibra AI is celebrating a new milestone as it reaches 100,000 users on its platform. Zibra AI is a deep-tech startup within the Roosh ecosystem that focuses on creating realistic effects based on AI for virtual worlds.

The startup was founded in 2021 in Kyiv, Ukraine. To facilitate the work of programmers and artists in building interactive VFX, 3D environments, and characters, the company creates AI-based solutions for games and virtual worlds. The company’s primary product, Zibra Effects, uses real-time 3D simulation and accurate physics to streamline the process of creating visual effects.

During last two years, the company has extended its solutions from being focused only on gaming industry to other industries including EdTech, production, filmmaking, and VR\AR.

“Zibra AI keeps on celebrating significant events these days. First, it entered into a partnership with Room8 Group, then successfully participated in the prestigious a16z Speedrun accelerator. Now, it’s an impressive number of users. In just two years of existence, the team has gathered a powerful community of developers, VFX artists, and gaming enthusiasts, totaling 100,000 individuals,”
shared Serhii Tokarev, an investor.


The community’s degree of involvement, according to Zibra AI’s CEO and co-founder Alex Petrenko, is even more amazing than the milestone of 100,000 users.


Petrento stresses out that they had a vision for a platform that would transform the lives of their users, and that dream had eventually come true. On Zibra AI’s Discord server, developers may promote themselves and their work, so the platform serves as a creative center. Additionally, Zibra AI community regularly posts what they have produced using the company’s tools on other websites, such as Reddit.


“We created Zibra AI to support creators, and luckily, our technology is finding resonance within the growing developer community,” said Alex Petrenko.


Now, after reaching its milestones, Zibra AI aims at making the digital world even more realistic and push the whole game industry.

This year, the startup made the shortlist of the first Speedrun accelerator by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). Zibra AI secured a $500,000 investment as an accelerator participant, starting the company’s seed round on total, $2.5 million.


When the news broke, Serhii Tokarev claimed that Zibra AI was one of the 32 chosen businesses and the lone representative from Eastern Europe despite the candidate pool having surpassed 1,600 applicants.


Later this year, Zibra AI announced a collaboration with Room 8 Studio, a prominent video game studio with a global following. The businesses intend to work together in the area of virtual content.


Zibra AI, a Ukrainian deep-tech startup that is a part of the Roosh ecosystem, develops a platform for building realistic effects based on AI for virtual environments. The startup’s services now include a wide range of industries outside of gaming, such as VR/AR, filmmaking, production, and edtech.