Your Ultimate Guide to Tech Vlogging – Choosing a Camera

Choosing a Camera

Now almost every second YouTube viewer dreams of becoming a popular video blogger. There is nothing wrong with this, but to achieve some results, you should think about the quality of future videos. A high-quality video clip is already half the success. Therefore, you should take the choice of equipment seriously. Check more details at keep it portable website. Initially, there is no point in buying the most expensive equipment. First, you may not like to engage in this type of activity, and secondly, without the necessary knowledge (even with expensive equipment) you will not be able to shoot high-quality videos.Choosing a Camera

Transmission format

If you have started to create a YouTube channel, you should think about the format of the transmission. Depending on the direction of your clips, you may need one or the other camera.

  1. Whether it’s sports, extreme, or shooting in constant motion, it’s best to use special action cameras for this purpose. This is a kind of digital video camera designed for shooting in motion and adverse conditions.
  2. Shopping reviews are a very popular destination in the YouTube space. For quality reviews, your technique must be able to capture colors and details well.
  3. Vlogs are videos shot for some time, in which the author tells about himself, about his day, and in principle about what he wants. For this purpose, almost any camera (from amateur to professional) will do.

Types of cameras

You can shoot videos for a video blog on anything from a simple phone to a professional video camera. Of course, this all affects the quality of shooting.

Smartphone. Perfect for a novice video blogger. Popular smartphones of the iPhone series, Galaxy and others, shoot quite well. Also, the phone will always be at hand and you can shoot any interesting situation that you can share with your subscribers in the future.

The mirrorless camera. Compact, lightweight camera that is suitable for shooting videos. Some models support shooting in 4K format. Mirrorless has a lower price and is suitable for novice video bloggers.

DSLR. DSLR cameras work much faster and better. With a high budget, you can buy a professional model that shoots high-quality videos and photos.

Action Camera. As mentioned above, such a camera is suitable for taking pictures in motion. It is protected from shocks, water ingress, etc. As a rule, an action camera shoots badly in a room with poor lighting. Therefore, you should not use it for normal movies.

3d camera. This is a novelty in the market of video cameras that allows you to shoot videos in 360 degrees.

Top 4 inexpensive cameras for video blogger

A beginner video blogger is unlikely to want to spend a lot of money on his first video camera. Below are the top 5 good but cheap cameras that are suitable for shooting videos.

  1. Dewalt DC500. The main advantage of this camera is an eight-fold zoom. The resolution of the 12-inch matrix allows you to get high-quality images and videos.
  2. KODAK M522. The KODAK M522 features macro photography and a built-in microphone. The only drawback is the lack of image settings.
  3. The SJCAM SJ4000 is a compact action camera. Various mounts are included. The camera can be used underwater. The wide viewing angle allows you to capture all the necessary details when shooting.
  4. Xiaomi Yi is another action camera that allows you to shoot videos in Full HD. Small dimensions, wide-angle lens, and support for a memory card up to 64 GB make this camera convenient and popular.[adsense]

Top 5 mid-range cameras

With a larger budget, you can consider the next top 5 good cameras for video shooting.

  1. Nikon Coolpix S7000. The camera has the parameters of a professional camcorder. Perfect for novice video bloggers who specialize in reviews, vlogs, and sketches.
  2. Canon G7X. It boasts excellent shooting both day and night. Most bloggers use this camera. It has good stabilization, a rotating screen, and large matrix size.
  3. Nikon D3300 – another favorite among bloggers. Thanks to the FHD format, the videos are very high-quality. If you want to improve your shooting quality in the future, you can purchase a more advanced lens.
  4. YI 4K Action Cam is an action camera. Shoots videos in 4K format. Stable operation and a good battery charge distinguish it from other Chinese-made cameras. Ease of use will be a plus for novice talents.
  5. Sony FDR-X3000 is a more expensive action camera. Excellent video stabilization, good sound, and the ability to connect an external microphone, fast start-up, and many other advantages.

Top 5 expensive video cameras

With good financial opportunities, you definitely want to buy something expensive and high-quality that would be worth the money spent. Consider the top 5 expensive video cameras for bloggers.

  1. Sony RX100 MarkIV is one of the most expensive cameras that has the best parameters. Excellent quality of shooting both photos and videos. Despite its powerful parameters, it is very compact, which is a huge plus.
  2. The Canon 80D is an excellent camera that combines good photo and video shooting. Shooting videos in Full HD format. There is a Jack for an external microphone.
  3. Canon EOS 5D Mark III. High—quality images, good shooting even in poor visibility, bright colors, excellent sound quality, a large selection of settings — all this pays for its high cost.
  4. Lumix DMC —GH4 – perfect for shooting in 4K format. It keeps the battery charge for a long time and is possible to connect an external microphone.
  5. Blackmagic Design Cinema — a professional camera. Such expensive equipment is unlikely to be purchased by a novice video blogger, but it should definitely take a place in our top of expensive cameras.

The choice in the market is extremely large. Try to find a video camera that will satisfy you and start shooting.