Your Guide To Buying Glasses Online


So you are beginning your journey to buy your eyewear online? That’s great news! There are plenty of excellent reasons, including convenience, affordability, and many style options. While there are many advantages to buying your glasses online, it is okay that you might feel confused by the process, especially when you are doing it initially.

After all, there are several things to consider, including frame size, prescription, and other variables. In this article, let’s discuss everything you need to do when you buy eyewear online for a smooth and comfortable experience.

Your Complete Guide To Buying Glasses Online

To make sure you’re looking out for yourself when buying specs online, follow these tips:

  1. Ensure You Have an Updated Prescription

Before you waste time and money on lenses that don’t represent your prescription, ensure that the ophthalmic recommendation you have right now is correct. If you haven’t seen your optician in over a year, it is clever to get a routine eye exam before ordering new glasses.

By purchasing lenses with a prescription on the stronger or weaker side, you will only end up harming your eyes and doing longer damage. So before your online shopping journey, ensure you have your prescription updated in the previous year.

  1. Check Prescription Twice

Once you find the comfortable frame style, enter your prescription online. And when doing this, you want to double, triple, and even quadruple check the spec numbers. Make sure you are familiar with definitions like a cylinder, axis, and sphere and put the correct numbers in each box.

Fortunately, most online eyewear retailers will have a guide on the website to help you correctly input prescription information. If you don’t know about your prescription, you can call your eye doctor and ask them to inform you.

  1. Pick the Frames Matching Your Lifestyle

Keep in mind your lifestyle when picking out your frame style. If you lead a particularly active lifestyle as in athletics yet don’t wear contacts, you want to pick frames that suit your Higher activity. Alternatively, if you work at a desk eight hours a day in front of a computer screen or have dense paperwork, you will want frames eccentric to your lifestyle. If you are a pilot and need protection from high glare, try vincent chase aviator frames.

  1. Pick Frames Which Match Your Personality

If you’re sporty, odds are you will want some sports-oriented frames. And if you like vintage or hipster styles, you lean toward modern, funky glasses. The good news about shopping for eyewear online is that you can browse through hundreds of different style options.

When shopping online, you have more substantial options to choose from than you would if you were standing in an optician’s office and looking at their limited eyewear options. Focus on your preferences regarding fit, frame style, color, size, lens shape, and details and patterns. Many brands provide a wide array of options, like the vincent chase glasses brand.

  1. Know Your Face

If you want to pick eyewear that highlights your face, it is crucial to keep in focus the shape and size of your face. For example, round lenses are not ideal if you possess a round face structure.

Rectangular frames on a round face generally are the better option. If you have an oval-shaped face, look for frame and lens styles with more vibrant color options and a bolder, wider frame. For people with square-shaped faces, face structure, frames that are lighter in color hues and thinner in mass tend to be best.

  1. Research Your Coating Options

Today, glasses have a variety of protective coatings, and there is a strong chance you need to get certain coatings for your lenses. Some retailers include a specific coat or two with your eyewear purchase, while others require an extra fee. Two of the most crucial coatings are an anti-scratch and an anti-reflective coating.

Both are self-explanatory and protect your lenses and shield your eyes from annoying light glares that create a problem, try different glasses, including vincent chase aviator frames. Other types include tints and mirror coatings. Tinted lenses change the color of the lens and darken them, while mirror coating fights the glare from too much sunlight.

  1. Know Personal Measurements

The most crucial thing while buying your glasses online is to enter the correct lens prescription. However, also knowing the measurement is important. After all, if you get eyewear that is too big or too small for your face, you will not be able to wear those glasses.

Most online eyewear retailers like Vincent chase glasses brand will have a guide to help you figure out how to measure your face. If you still have your old pair of glasses, you can use that as a reference for entering in measurements for your new purchase. Most frames will have exact measurements on the inside of the respective frames.

If not, you can use the guide on the eyewear retailer’s website to do some manual research. You need to measure the lens width and bridge width. Without proper measurements, the arms of the frame won’t fit around optimally, the bridge will either be too large or too small for your nose, and lenses will sit unstable on your face.

  1. Figuring Out the Type of Lens

If you have a stronger prescription, you want thinner lenses. Why? Because when you have a stronger prescription, the lenses are thicker and heavier on your face. Fortunately, manufacturers like the vincent chase glasses brand have thinner, higher index lenses and, therefore, more comfortable to wear.

Thinner lenses also tend to be more attractive and highlight the face. If you have a weak prescription, you don’t have to worry about the thickness or thinness of the lenses and can pick ways with the standard lenses.


Prescription eyeglasses are accessories you will wear every day. It is worth paying the full quality price once you divide the total price by the number of times you will wear them. They end up costing pennies.

You are likely to wear your glasses every hour you are in your business, so spend a little extra to purchase an attractive pair of glasses that are solid in quality, and if you are in aviation, you should try vincent chase aviator frames.

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