Know How To Register On Wpit18, It’s Pros & Cons, Features, And Everything About It

What Is Wpit18?

Wpit18 is an online gaming platform where you can enjoy real-time cockfighting. A Wpit18 game lasts 4-5 minutes and the winning rooster survives.

Note: Where will Wpit18 take place?

The World Cockfighting Championships are held every year in different parts of the world. The tournament is a week-long tournament with daily fighting. The event is held in many countries including Spain, Mexico, and the Philippines.

The World Pitmaster Cup (WPC) is an exciting and intense event. Spectators watch as they compete until one of these strong contenders is declared the winner. It’s an incredible feeling that takes your breath away.

Registration on the site is free and open to anyone who wants to make money on new fights. Wpit18 is a more direct way to communicate with pitmasters around the world. The game has only a handful of participants and chickens participating in these games.

All of them are from the Philippines and compete not only with each other but also with roosters

Each Wpit18 member must abide by certain rules and regulations. Depending on the result and the difficulty of the game, you can win different amounts of money. 

These tournaments are banned in many countries, but some sites are still up and running, which means people are still interested.

Best Features Of Wpit18:

  • Wpit18 offers HD resolution for live broadcasting and provides opportunities to make money.
  • The platform provides services available at any time.
  • Due to the site’s popularity, other upside-down sites were launched, including Wpit19 (where roosters fight with knives), Wpit20 (where roosters fight with hatchets), and Wpit21 (where roosters fight with chainsaws).
  • This gaming platform has access to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • If someone scores 100 points, they can participate.
  • facilitates online money transfers and you can earn from $5k to $15k per game.

How Does Wpit18 Work?

The World Pitmasters Cup (WPC) is an online competition played in the Philippines. The participants in the tournament should know how Wpit18 works. Using Wpit18 requires several steps detailed below:

Since wpit18 has its own rules, registration is required to access the site. Therefore, users are required to provide personal information to create an account.

Once registered, customers must deposit money into their Wpit18 account to place bets. The site offers several payment methods such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets.

Wpit18 provides information about participating roosters such as breed, weight, and previous games to help users to make an informed decision.

Once you have chosen which rooster you want to bet on, you can place your bet using the funds in your Wpit18 account. The program offers many betting opportunities, such as the selection of the winning rooster or the number of rounds the match will last.

Users can watch the fight using the platform’s live streaming service on any device with an internet connection. If the game is successful, you will receive a reward on your Wpit18 account. These rewards can be cashed out or used for more bets. 

Login & Sign Up For Wpit18’s Dashboard

Online Registering for Wpit18 is very simple. Follow the given instructions to register on Wpit18.

Wpit18 sign-up:

“Go to the website Select “Don’t have an account yet?” from the drop-down menu. Click the “Contact Us” button from the drop-down menu and you will get their whatsapp and viber numbers.

Philippines: 09451491761 Whatsapp; 09638900729 Viber.

For others: Globe: 09267339425, Smart: 09632797978.

To register, contact the manager at the number listed above. Upon successful registration, you will be provided with a username and password to sign up your account.

Wpit18 login: 

Go to the official website and register your account by filling in your login and password.

If you are registering for the first time, please click the “Contact Us” button to contact the official team. Clicking on it will take you to another page providing you with a WhatsApp or Viber number to be contacted.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Wpit18

After registering, you can decide whether to play or not. You can start playing right after registering. Register to enter the contest. Otherwise, it will be harder to win. You won’t win too often. However, you can continue playing.

You can try WPIT’s games if you know how to play poker online. Lucky 8 also reserves the right to refuse registration of clients. If Lucky 8 does not accept the user’s application, the user may be expelled from the site.

The Lucky 8 reserves the right to refuse to anyone and they do not have to explain why they are making judgments. There are a few things that should be kept in mind when signing up. It costs nothing to create a Wpit18 account, but there are some requirements.


  • Since there are no restrictions or rules, players can create their strategy and use the method that suits them best to win. As a result, it is truly unique and customizable.
  • Wpit is so easy to use that anyone can navigate the menu and find what they’re looking for.
  • The game is free to play as there are no in-app purchases or ads. Players have unlimited control over their experience without limits.
  • Wpit18 is a fun and easy game to get used to. Anyone can play, regardless of gaming experience or age. 
  • The game has many challenges that can keep players busy for hours.
  • High-quality graphics and sounds will make the game fun for people of all ages.
  • The online multiplayer element makes the game even more challenging and exciting.


  • Wpit18 has been implicated in animal cruelty.
  • Killing for the game is a sin.
  • Wpit18 is a gambling game with betting.

Feedback From Wpit18 Customers

To participate in this event where animals are injured, participants must complete an online registration form. Some NGOs criticized the game, citing animal cruelty in the course of the game. 

While many WPIT18 reviews say the site offers players lots of money and opportunities, many claim the tournament promotes animal cruelty. While not strictly illegal, the event violates rules in several countries and shows no compassion for animals. 

And the organizers earn money by charging viewers a fee to participate. However, these behaviors are not only harmful to animals, but this is also worrisome. Regardless of whether a person was involved in the incident, the consequences of animal cruelty are often severe.  

Some people spend time with animals and compete in sports, while others compete for money or entertainment. Cruelty to animals for any reason will not be tolerated. Such events are probably attended by people who do not want to harm animals.

Is wpit18 safe and legal?

Yes, Wpit18 is a fully safe and secure online website. The information of players registered on the platform is protected. However, these tournaments are terrible because innocent animals are involved.

Fighting roosters is not against the law in most states, but in some states keeping roosters is illegal. In other circumstances, owners may be held liable if fighting cocks injure people or damage property. Animal laws prohibit the breeding of fighting roosters in some areas.


Animals have the right to live with humans. Many countries have banned Wpit18 because it is against animal rights or just because they don’t want people to gamble. 

Filipinos are passionate about what they love, no matter what others say. 

It may not work in countries where it’s banned, but Wpit18’s official website states that everyone else can access the service. 

Spending money on animals is not only dishonest but also immoral. It’s legal to use your login, but you can do something more valuable with your time.