Why Your 64 Bit Computer Has Two Program Files Folder In the “C” Drive?

Latest computers and Laptops come with large capacity RAM is installed, so Manufacturing companies sent to the installed 64-bit operating system and is RAM to be used more better. When you have any version of Windows operating system can install 64-bit Edition, Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders both exist. through the x86 folder, 64-bit Microsoft operating systems enables to run 32-bit software. If it is not done, then for 64-bit and 32-bit operating system will have to create separate software, It will because of a long, difficult and expensive. If you have installed any software, which is a few years old, so it is most likely that they will have 32-bit. Thus you will find that kind of software in x86 folder.32Bit or 64Bit[adsense]64-bit systems perform particularly noteworthy is the time when your system is running several programs at once and working quickly in these programs. 32-bit operating systems can hang in this situation, but the 64-bit version will work without any problems. 32Bit operating system can only use a certain amount of RAM and device drives cannot run on 64-bit operating system. 64Bit Operating System will support both 32bit and 64bit Software. All 32Bit software Installation files are exit in x86 Directory Program Files, and 64Bit software files are in a directory called only Program Files.