Why Web Design is Important for Business

Web Design is Important for Business

Building a strong online presence is probably the smartest move you can make for your business today. Besides expanding your customer reach, a website gives you the platform to showcase your brand’s uniqueness, value, and relevance to existing market needs. Even then, what actually sells is how you present your work or brand, and that’s where web design comes in.

Web design involves and individual, either a freelancer, someone within an organisation, or even someone on behalf somewhere like this web design agency, working with colors, layouts, typographies and other critical web elements to give your site a distinctive face and identity. A well-designed site helps to create a good image of your brand and can also play a role in attracting leads that convert into customers. Just remember, before contacting a web design Melbourne (or in your location) company, ensure they have fantastic previous reviews and years of experience.

Here, we explain 7 reasons why having a good design is important for your business

Increase the credibility of your online business

A research conducted by Stanford indicates that 75% of web users judge a website’s credibility by its design alone. What this means is that even if your site has superior content than your competitors’, you are likely to record reduced conversions if its appearance is unattractive. So if you want customers to trust your online business more, be sure to enhance the design of your site.

Affects site speed

Your web design affects the speed of content transfer from your site server to a visitor’s browser. For example, if you use a design that has lots of heavy elements, you’ll likely slow down the site and lose out on many opportunities to keep visitors.

Research shows that out of every 10 web users, 7 will abandon a site that takes more than 5 seconds to load. You obviously will not want to lose such a big percentage of visitors just because you’re using resource-intensive web design. Another reason your site could be dragging itself is due to a poor hosting company. If the problem is with the latter, these Hosting Foundry’s comparisons and recommendations on the best web hosts will come in handy.

Attract mobile customers

Multiple studies show that the number of mobile users continues to grow with each passing year and makes up the majority of online users today. To succeed online therefore, it’s important that you optimize your website for mobile to be able to attract and accommodate this group.

A few rules to help you here include; ensure that your theme is mobile responsive, your fonts are supported on popular mobile operating systems, and that your images are not too large for quick loading. All these will improve user experience for mobile browsers visiting your online business.

Create a good first impression

The impression your site creates in the minds of your first-time visitors influences how they perceive your brand. Put otherwise, the visual appearance of your site can either convince users to stay and learn about your brand or leave for a competitor. This is why you cannot afford to overlook your web design or do shoddy work at it. When your first impression is poor, visitors imagine what lies underneath is equally poor and hence not worth viewing.

Enhance search engine optimization

Most web design elements control how websites present their content to users and search engine bots. For example, the images you use on your site and their names often impact user experience and also your site’s ability to rank well on search results. What’s more, how you present your content based on your design determines whether web users and even search engines understand it. If your visitors enjoy reading or viewing your content because you’ve formatted it correctly, chances are high that they will stay longer on your site. Remember, dwell time is one of the key factors that search engines like Google consider when ranking websites.

Your competitors are doing it

To be outstanding in this era of technology, you must outrank your competition on all fronts including web design. Your web interface has to be equally or more attractive than your rivals’ to be able to attract leads and customers.

Web design gives you a chance to stand out from the competition by showcasing your flare beyond content. It allows you to improve user experience and impression which are just as important to consumers as the content itself.

Improve site navigation

Are you finding it hard to direct traffic to some of your web pages? The problem could be emanating from the design and structuring of your website.

Proper web design showcases different sections on your site using elements such as call-to-actions and links to other internal pages. This encourages more visitor navigation and exploration of your site.

Do you consider web design important in the success of your online business? We’d love to hear your feedback.