Why Should You Outsource Link Building In 2023?

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There is a rapid evolution in digital marketing. Businesses are now scrambling for the top of the internet, even if they have never had a prior online presence. Hubspot research indicates that 64% of companies actively invest in search engine optimization (SEO). Now that digital marketing is essential, learning how to rank your pages higher in search engines is crucial. But it’s not always easy to do so.

A link building strategy can be one of the most effective ways to rank highly on SERPs, but it can also be one of the most challenging. It is crucial to increase your website’s traffic through links from other websites. And one of the best ways to accomplish this is through outsourcing. But when would you do so? As discussed below, you can outsource link building in 2023 in several ways. Now let’s determine the instances!

To Learn

If you’ve been building links for some time, you’ve probably seen some good results. The ever-changing internet makes managing a digital brand alone impossible. Eventually, you’ll need expert input. SEO and link building, for example, can be highly technical and detailed. Despite your familiarity with on-page and off-page SEO, you may lack specialized SEO experience.

Partnering with your outsourcing team allows you to expand your knowledge in your weak areas. A group of experienced link-builders can help you learn from them. Getmentioned, for example, has a large skilled team to outsource your link building in 2023. All their experts work together to make your projects successful. Choosing them as a link-building partner educates you on what to expect in the future, thus helping you set better goals next time.

If You Need Links Fast

Link building agencies already have a plan for how to do it. For instance, they have a list of websites they can reach in under 24 hours for a three-way link exchange. Additionally, outsourcing agencies have developed relationships across a variety of niches. As a result, hiring an expert instead of your in-house team when placing links will save time and money.

A link-building firm can get you 30 links monthly, translating to a faster improvement in your online visibility. For example, outsourcing could ensure that you appear in search engines where you want to appear before launching a big product two months from now.

To Improve Your Link-Building Process

Perhaps you’ve heard about blogger outreach services or even tried them yourself. Without knowledge of this, you may not stay on top of most of your activities. E-commerce link building, for example, may not be accessible if you run an e-commerce store. Links to your website may appear too promotional if you link to them. Search engines may flag or suspend your account if you aren’t careful.

However, an agency could provide the service while maintaining a natural look. As a result, they can create links that crawlers will find helpful. In addition, they have better strategies for gaining links from difficult-to-link pages.

When Targeting the Difficult-To-Get Links

Growing businesses envision linking to specific sites. You might attract valuable traffic from top-level websites. Often, however, it isn’t easy to reach their digital marketing teams. A link builder with limited connections in the market is especially at risk of this. Usually, it takes months and many follow-ups before you get a response.

It would be easier to get the task done fast if you outsourced it to an experienced agency. A good agency has a reputation and builds relationships that open doors and provide quick responses. Furthermore, they have a proven strategy and tools to help them close more deals. If you outsource link-building to an agency, it won’t be long before you get links you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get

To Develop Relationships

Consider all the experts you’ll be dealing with. Besides your team, there is an agency that handles your link-building activities. As a result, both teams will build their knowledge base and develop a bond with one another. By cooperating, your brand can grow, all while fostering lasting relationships.

The benefit of open communication is that members of both teams can learn from each other. The other side can fill in the gaps of one party’s lack of experience on a specific issue, boosting link-building activities and teamwork.


You can get faster results by outsourcing link building; it’s less expensive and provides consistent results. Plus, you don’t have to hire and manage an entire department.