Why Pursuing a PGDM is a Great Investment for Your Career?

Students from a variety of backgrounds are enrolling in management programmes today in an effort to advance quickly in the corporate world. And, with more growth opportunities available, students today are acutely aware of the value of having a PGDM diploma, which has proven to be very beneficial in the long term for businesses.

Nevertheless, are you willing to pursue this course but unsure of its value? If so, read our blog, which will seek to highlight many factors that make this diploma programme a worthwhile career investment, as well as the best PGDM institute in India that provides industry-aligned programmes.

PGDM- Course Information

PGDM is an AICTE-recognised diploma programme provided by independent B-Schools. Additionally, the main goal of this management course is to impart practical management expertise. Universal AI University, one of the top business management colleges in Mumbai, provides PGDM programmes in partnership with overseas universities to give students an understanding of global management.

PGDM Highlights

Full-form Postgraduate Diploma in Management
Course Level Diploma
Duration 2 years
Course Mode Yearly
Eligibility Criteria
  • Get at least 60% on your 10th, 12th, and graduation exams.
  • In entrance exams like the GMAT, CAT, CMAT, or CET, candidates must receive at least a 70% score.
  • Another benefit is active participation in college/school events.
  • Candidates must have had prior experience in leadership roles at the collegiate or school level.

Admission Procedure

The below points will give you an overview of the PGDM admission process followed by the Universal AI University in Mumbai:

  • As the first step, you need to fill up the application form available on the website.
  • The necessary documentation, including your academic transcripts from grades 10 through 12 and graduation, must then be attached. You also need to upload your CAT, MAT, or GMAT score report. (In case any document is not available during the application process, you can later mail it to admissions@ubs.org.in
  • There will be two rounds of interviews once you submit your application: a Board Room Interview and a Personal Interview.
  • You will receive a provisional offer letter if you are selected, and your admission will be confirmed once all the prerequisites are satisfied.

How can pursuing a PGDM be a wise professional investment?

A Postgraduate Diploma in Management Course is a great investment for your career for a variety of reasons. However, let us look at some specifics and the factors that make it worthwhile to spend money on:

An industry-centric approach

Traditional management programmes find it challenging to keep up with changes in the business environment and economic climate. However, PGDM Colleges in India can update or alter their curricula to take into account current industry norms and requirements. Additionally, because of the constant innovation in pedagogy and curriculum, students will have an advantage when they enter the workforce. Such programmes also include practical application-based learning as opposed to just academic study.

Lucrative field of study

These courses are profitable because they provide highly sought-after skills from businesses, enhancing students’ chances of finding a job. Additionally, by enrolling in the best PGDM institute in India, students can gain knowledge before they graduate, improving their chances of landing a job.

Develop Entrepreneurial skills and a mindset

PGDM programmes equip students with the cutting-edge business skills they need to compete in the market. This course serves as a guide for students who wish to become entrepreneurs, encouraging them to investigate various fields, come up with ideas, and put those ideas into practise. Additionally, the ability to experiment with different strategies gives PGDM students the freedom to be risk-takers as well as innovators.

Enhances your personality

The Postgraduate Diploma management programme has several advantages and is designed for students who have big goals and the urge to advance their careers. Therefore, the best university in Mumbai offering management diplomas encourages students’ personal development while simultaneously giving them the critical thinking, leadership, and communication skills they will need to excel in the workplace. Additionally, these diploma students take part in extracurricular events, guest lectures, field trips to businesses, summer internships, and other activities outside of the classroom.

Lets you make an impressive corporate career

In terms of potential and worth, corporate world professionals appreciate PGDM diplomas even higher than MBAs. Additionally, PGDM programmes offer direct entry into the corporate world by serving as career counsellors by guiding students in selecting the appropriate career path from their highly sought-after specialised courses. Moreover, family business owners can gain a lot by enrolling in the best PGDM institute in India after graduation to gain the necessary abilities and information.

What employment options are available with this diploma?

It makes sense that one would want a return on investment when studying at a leading management college, and therefore besides the chance to interact with top business leaders and learn how they work, the most motivating part of obtaining a diploma from the best PGDM colleges in India is the high-paying jobs one can explore. However, this course expands career opportunities in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, marketing, banking, healthcare, PSUs, financial designing, consulting, information technology, and more. Some of the popular job profiles are listed below:

Job Options Average Salary (in INR)
Consultant 7 to 10.5 LPA
Wealth Manager 2.4 to 11 LPA
Business Analyst 2.6 to 15 LPA
Tax Specialist 6 to 9.5 LPA
Auditor 5 to 8 LPA
Project Manager 9 to 13.5 LPA

Reasons for choosing Universal AI University for the PGDM programmes

  • As a reputable university in Mumbai, it has top-notch facilities and knowledgeable faculty with years of teaching and research expertise.
  • The curriculum for the PGDM programmes is developed with a worldwide view. Additionally, students are given the chance to make judgements in real time through simulation and experimentation.
  • The availability of both national and international placement opportunities makes it the best university in Maharashtra.
  • Depending on their circumstances, merit, and other factors, PGDM students are offered a variety of scholarships.

Final Words

Overall, PGDM as a business management programme meets industry needs and aids aspirants in developing pertinent hard and soft skills for becoming management professionals for the workplace. We truly hope that our blog will provide you a thoughtful understanding of the different aspects that influence your decision to enrol at the best PGDM institute in India.


What are the multiple PGDM programmes offered by Universal AI University?

As the best PGDM institute in India, some of its prominent programmes include the following:

  • PGDM (Business Management)
  • PGDM (Business Design and Innovation)
  • PGDM (International Management)+GMP
  • PGDM (Foreign Collaboration)
  • PGDM Single Specialization

What is the primary objective of a PGDM course?

A practical course, PGDM emphasises on-the-job training, organisation study, and internships. Studying this course at the best PGDM institute in India will also offer many opportunities to develop a strong corporate network that may lead to a lucrative career opportunity.

Are PGDM programmes in India worthwhile?

Unlike MBA programmes, which are more theoretical, PGDM programmes in India are focused on the business world. Additionally, PGDMs place more of an emphasis on industry exposure, mentoring, and grooming programmes. And, by providing rigorous placement services, the best PGDM Institute in India makes it a wise option to earn.

Is PGDM a difficult course?

The PGDM course curriculum is continually revised to reflect the most recent business trends. However, if you are driven by enthusiasm, desire, and a clear career objective to follow this particular degree, then this will be a compelling option for you.

Can we continue our education after PGDM?

Yes, after completing the PGDM programme, students have two options: either they can hunt for employment in related fields or continue their education in those sectors. Nevertheless, they can choose to pursue doctoral degrees, such as a PhD in management studies, and continue their education.