Why A Recruiter Is Your Key To Hiring A Skilled Software Engineer


Software engineers are among the most highly in-demand professionals on the market. The demand of modern workforce requires a strong digital presence, and the foundation of that presence is good software. Software doesn’t spring into existence fully formed, bug free, and ready for the market. It’s the result of countless hours of hard work and meticulous programming by software engineering professionals, the backbone of any company that provides software solutions for consumers. Without software engineers, this author wouldn’t have the word processor required to write this list, nor you the browser required to read it! Even companies like LEGO are expanding their software engineering presence, as you can see here.

Hiring an engineer, however, can be a real hassle. Being among the most in-demand professionals means that there’s a wide range of factors you need to consider before onboarding. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming keeping track of exactly what you need. Luckily, there’s a solution: recruiters. They can take the burden of finding the right person off your shoulders and get the right people in the right positions. More and more agencies are utilizing recruiters for their staffing needs, especially in a post pandemic world. Here’s how a recruiter can help you get the talent you need in your corner.

Recruiters Know the Market

Quick, what’s the current standard for certification in the industry? Is A+ sufficient for what you need, and is Sec+ even relevant to the position? Has the programming language you want a candidate with four years of experience of even been around for a year? The main advantage of having a recruiter handle the heavy lifting for getting a software engineer on staff is that they understand the state of the market better than you do. It’s literally their job to know these things! Smart leaders know that they don’t have to know everything, so long as they utilize the expertise of others. A good recruiter understands the intricacies of the industry, including what is and what isn’t relevant.

This understanding equips them to not only weed out candidates that don’t match your company’s specific needs, but weed out the bad fits that might otherwise slip through the cracks of your knowledge. It’s not uncommon for candidates to lie about their qualifications to get positions, and the chances that a dedicated staffing agency will catch those lies is high. The combination of being able to judge the right candidate and exclude the wrong one can’t be beat. Any software engineer recruiter worth their salt is going to have the knowledge you need to hire the right candidate. Relying on knowledgeable staffers with their fingers on the pulse of the industry is a no brainer for making sure you get the right people on your side.

It’s Speedy and Cost Effective

Hiring a candidate is expensive. It’s one of the unfortunate facts of any company’s budget that getting new people on board can run up the bill. While a bulk of that comes from training and onboarding, the actual search for potential employees can add a lot of unnecessary financial burden to a business. Recruiters can minimize that cost in a number of ways. One of the most overlooked elements of the hiring process is the time lost to the search. The average time to hire a candidate, as reported at https://www.aihr.com/blog/time-to-hire, is a whole 36 days! Every day you have a vacancy is a day of potentially lost profits. This can motivate some agencies to hire as fast as possible, quality of candidate be hanged! This is a poor strategy in the long run, as a bad employee can cost you productivity and money.

So, the solution is to take your time, right? Well, that may be a good strategy in the long term, but it also means you’re letting your position go unfulfilled for longer. Recruiters can give you the best of both worlds. Their aforementioned expertise allows them to act more quickly than you might be able to, putting the ideal hire on the job in relatively no time. This can save you money in the immediate by cutting out a major part of the process and earn you more money long-term by getting your new hire on the job faster. Ultimately, a good recruiter can find a good balance between taking the time necessary to find the right candidate and staffing your agency fast.