When and How (ATM) Fraud Can Occur? Protect Your Bank Account

The ratio of withdrawing cash money from an ATM is increasing day by day in all our countries. From where you can withdraw your amount through your debit or credit card.But the use of ATM is not free from danger. The cheater can decide the costumer through latest tricks of changing in the ATM card, which cannot checked or see easily. And by this changing fraud you can deprive your password. If you use an ATM to withdraw the cash, then you have to concentrate on some things, so that you can save your earnings.

Notice that there are three types of instrument that are used in this fraud. (Account holder, key, information) reading instrument that is present on the magnetic strip of an ATM card. Hidden camera and (keypad) just like the original so that it can receive your password.


It is a fake instrument that is present in the on the original slate of an ATM card. it is fixed in such a way that it covers the original ATM card slot. A consumer thing it the original and enters the card in it. But as the card enters in the skimmer then it converts the main information’s of the consumer to transfer itself.

Hidden Camera:

Along with the skimmer a tiny small camera communicates will this camera is so small that be fixed on anywhere.

Faked Keypad:

Its looks like an original ATM keypad whenever any customer enters his own pin code, this key saves it.
Cyber thief can steal your useful information and also make the fake ATM card or by doing any other method you can use your big amount.to get rid of this problem is not very easy, but some concentration and attention can make it possible.[adsense]

Here some signs that can alert you about the ATM card mishap.

  • Scratches ATM card.
  • Some additional things on an ATM card which is not necessary.
  • The structure, material, color and edges looking strange.

Some more tips that protect you from ATM fraud on SMS alert from your bank. So that whenever you withdraw or deposit any amount from your account, you are informed by SMS. When you enter your pin code cover the keypad with your hand, so that any hidden camera cannot see your password.

Try to withdraw your amount from trust able ATM. Moreover, limited ATM card and withdraw and transfer less amount at one attempt.