What Should You Do After You’ve Been Injured At Work?


Being injured at work can be a challenging situation for anyone. Workplace injuries can be serious and can result in physical pain, the inability to work, and significant expenses due to medical or therapy bills and lost wages. If you are injured while you are at work, your injuries and costs may be covered by your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance plan, or if they refuse to pay out, you may need the help of a personal injury attorney. If you are injured while at work, there are several steps that you should follow to ensure you receive necessary medical care and receive the support and financial reimbursement that you are entitled to. 

Receive Medical Attention

If you are injured while working on the job, the first thing you need to do is receive necessary medical attention. If your injury is serious and leads to a significant wound, it would be a good idea to call 911 and have an ambulance come and provide onsite care and take you to the hospital. Even if the injury seems less serious, you should still ensure you go in to see a doctor as soon as you can. Seemingly minor injuries at the time could come with more serious risks, including concussions or internal bleeding, which may not be apparent right away. A medical professional will be able to determine if you are injured and what the scope of injuries will be. The medical team may also provide you with a care plan going forward, which can include ongoing therapy and other medical services to ensure you are properly cared for along the way. 

Notify Employer

If you have been injured and are going to incur medical bills or will need to take time off of work, it is important to notify your employer. Generally, you will need to notify your employer of any injuries within 90 days to file a worker’s compensation claim. It is also important to inform them whether you are OK and will be returning to work soon or if you need more time off. 

Hire Legal Representation

Those who are injured at work and incur bills and lost wages during their recovery should always have legal representation by their side. The process of filing a worker’s compensation claim can be complicated and having an attorney specializing in injury claims by your side will help ensure everything is handled the right way, which will increase your chances of having the claim approved. Ideally, you should hire an attorney before filling out any accident reports or other documents that are needed to effectuate the claim.

Fill Out Accident Reports and Submit Claims

With the support of your legal representation, you will then need to fill out any necessary accident reports and submit claims to the workers’ compensation attorney. The accident report will include detailed information about what led to the accident and what the resulting injuries were. It could also incorporate some witness statements and medical information. You will then take this report and other required information and submit it to the workers’ compensation insurance provider to ensure you are properly reimbursed. If your injury is severe, and you have taken out a TPD insurance policy as an extra on your life insurance, you may also be able to get some advice and claim your TPD with Curo Financial to give you an extra buffer of support. 

Wait on Decision

Generally, a worker’s compensation claim will be decided rather quickly. However, there are situations in which they may ask for more information to ensure they are able to make a fully informed decision. Your attorney will be able to work with the insurance provider to ensure they receive all necessary information on time. If the claim is denied, or you are not receiving the full support that you believe you are entitled to, your attorney can handle the appeals process as well. 

If you are injured while at work, it is always a good idea to have legal representation by your side to ensure your rights are represented. If you are in need of a work injury lawyer in the Buffalo area, it would be a good idea to call Feroleto Law. The whole team at Feroleto Law will be dedicated to your case to ensure you receive the support that you are entitled to. This will include reviewing your case and providing consultation, filing necessary accident reports and worker’s compensation claims, and then handling any deliberations if your claim is not approved. This will help ensure that you receive the support and reimbursement that you are entitled to while also ensuring you can rest and focus on your recovery.