What is the meaning of rel=”nofollow” and it uses in website or blog

When a webmaster add a rel=”nofollow” tag to the links then the search engine bots ignore the link and follow through the remains of your website/blog. When you put nofollow option, then link will not be ranked by the search engine. When webmaster or blogger use this attribute it will be save them from spamming. Bloggers are advised to use the tag attribute when posting comments, trackbacks or links in the blog. Simply it is a HTML tag which is used to instruct the search engines that hyperlink of the text to some other source does not affect the page ranking of targeted link. This improve the quality of search engines and is an popular way to reduce spamming.[adsense]


Using Purpose:
“rel=nofollow” is the behavior which most webmasters use to save their PR. So you  put a normal tag always as a “follow” tag. Google search engine boots can crawl through the link and exit your page. Also PR show every website popularity and its appearance on the google search results pages.

More Detail:
Below is complete open in next page rel=”nofelow” code,you can give link and site name and past in tour HTML editor. However to understand all these must have a little knowledge about SEO.

<a href=”…..Link……..” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>……Text……</a>

Check below Google link and understand it more clearly.