What Are The Minimum Requirements for a Developer to Work Remotely?

To find a remote job as a software developer, you need perseverance, knowledge, skills, English and a little bit of luck.

Minimum requirements for English

Good English is the key to finding remote work in good company. For a professional context, it is important to understand 50-70% of what is said and speak without hesitation about complex ideas. It is also useful to be able to talk about non-technical topics and communicate about projects and code. If necessary, you can contact tutors or use a mock interview to practice skills. The level can be checked in language courses or through a mock interview. Official exams are not required if you can read the documentation, but do not speak English. If so, then it will take time to prepare, about six months to a year.

Real and notable work experience

To successfully pass technical interviews, you need real work experience as software engineer https://www.crossover.com/job-roles/software-engineering, which should be presented in your resume. You need to rehearse a few stories about your projects, achievements and mistakes in order to confidently communicate at the interview. It is necessary to correctly present yourself and interest the interlocutor, because in popular companies the competition among candidates is huge. If you are just starting your professional journey, you should not count on an entry-level position, as most distributed teams require maximum efficiency and self-sufficiency of a new developer.

Recommendations and likes

While your resume may be great, it’s hard to distinguish it from hundreds of others. Referrals are the only virtually guaranteed way to land on your first interview with a recruiter. General context can also help, but this is unlikely when looking for work abroad. Lack of recommendations may result in fewer responses. Companies are always looking for lively and pleasant people, so you should relax, show interest and ask questions at the interview.

What is it like to work in a remote team?

Working remotely in a foreign company is a good way to earn money without moving. You are more likely to have colleagues from Eastern Europe, South America and India who speak positively about this lifestyle. Finding a good company is not easy, you need to find open vacancies and take into account that the number of applications can be large and time for viewing is limited.

The culture in Western companies is different from Eastern European or Asian. There is less directness, more delight and exaggeration. Earning trust remotely is more difficult than in the office.