Want A Personalised Number Plate? Basic Laws You Have to Follow In 2023

Most people love personalizing their cars, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the growing trend of personalized license plates.

These plates are fun, can be colorful, or use interesting and different fonts, all of which can be chosen to match the aesthetic of the car and showcase your personality.

However, there are restrictions on what is permissible on your custom license plate, and while different states have different restrictions, there are some standard rules that you will need to abide by.

So, if you are opting to have a personalized license plate, what are some of the key laws that you need to abide by in the US?

There Are Character Limits

When it comes to number plate rules, one of the big ones is that there are character limits.

Even when it comes to personalized license plates, the majority of the states in the US have a standard of 5-7 letters for these plates, meaning that, including spaces and special characters, you may not be able to have the word or phrase that you want. So, try to be creative and flexible.

No Bad Words!

It would make a lot of people giggle to see a bad word on a number plate, but even if it is personalized, having a cursive word on your number plate is illegal. Also, yes, if you are aiming to have a number plate designed that looks like a bad word due to a mixture of numbers and letters, this will be picked up, and it will be rejected. So, be sensible!

Symbols Are Restricted

It is fair to say that when it comes to symbols being put onto license plates, you have to be careful.

Each state has its own laws about permissible symbols, and you need to make sure that any symbols that you want comply. Many states will place restrictions on symbols that are linked to religious groups, hate groups, and generalized groups or organizations. If you want to showcase your support for any of these groups, it may be best to get a windshield sticker.

No Duplication

Much like websites, when it comes to putting a customized license plate on your car, it needs to be completely unique. Indeed, there is a famous scene from the hit show The Simpsons that shows Marge going it to have a license plate that reads ‘Marge,’ but as it is already taken, the DMV tries to talk her into having one that reads ‘Nitzy’ instead!

Remember, each state maintains a database of the licensed plates, so you will simply not be allowed to have a duplicate plate made and placed on your car legally.

DMV Must Approve It

Not surprisingly, when it comes to personalized license plates, the Department of Motor Vehicles (or the DMV) has to approve them. The approval process is also pretty straightforward, provided that all of the aforementioned rules have been adhered to.

You will need to submit an application, pay a fee, and also have the plate reviewed. In order for it to pass, it will need to comply with state regulations. The DMV may also want to see the license plate, so you may be waiting a while to put the number plate on your car.