Visit the #1 Among Bitcoin Betting Sites – 1xbit


Bitcoin is a currency that is being increasingly more used all around the world by more and more people. Right now it can be used for purchasing almost everything imaginable, and it is highly likely that in the near future it will be as widely used as traditional forms of money such as the Dollar or the Euro. One place that is accepting this cryptocurrency right now is the #1 among bitcoin betting sites – this place it is possible to find tons of amazing features, which makes it the true number one in this very competitive market. Some reasons why people should choose 1xBit over any other similar site are:

  • It is available in more than 10 languages
  • It works perfectly in mobile devices
  • It has a sportsbook larger than any other website in this market
  • It has some of the best casino games, created by fantastic developers

Considering all these factors, there is no reason why not to try the live casino. It offers fantastic games, odds, and multiple possibilities, that can be enjoyed by people who love sports, by people who love casino games in general, or anyone else. Signing up for an account is absolutely free, and newcomers will receive a fantastic welcome bonus. This means that there is no reason for not registering at the #1 among bitcoin betting sites – 1xbit as a new member.

Some of the options offered by live casino bitcoin bettings – 1xBit

This casino has no differences with other places that take regular currencies rather than bitcoin. This means that people who try live casino bitcoin bettings – 1xBit can encounter all the usual games and forms of entertainment available anywhere else. For example 1xBit has an amazing poker section, which can be employed by all customers of the casino. Many variations of the game are offered here, and also there are tables with different stakes, which means that they are very friendly for beginners, and challenging enough for more advanced players.[adsense]1xbit (2)

But of course no casino is complete without a good set of slot machines. These games are also highly exciting and can offer fantastic jackpots and rewards. The ones available at 1xBit have been developed by highly experienced developing studios, meaning that they can offer an experience as close as possible to the one offered by real life casinos.

People can also participate in tournaments. They can give prizes worth several thousands of dollars, and there have been many customers that have played their cards in the appropriate manner, and have won said prizes. Of course anybody can be one of those lucky winners, which is another good reason for creating an account for trying the live casino bitcoin bettings on 1xBit, from mobile devices or desktop computers.