Vewster Objects Limited Edition 

If you love anime and manga, then you are probably looking for cool merchandise that will satisfy your taste and cravings. There are a variety of merchandise available for fans of OMAKASE, including limited edition manga and a special Senketsu “eye” scarf. These items are all designed in-house by viewster, demonstrating their commitment to producing quality merchandise. The scarf is currently being modeled by influencers from the anime community under the hashtag “don’t lose your scarf.”

OMAKASE merchandise

If you’re a OMAKASE fan, you may be interested in seeing the new items that are coming out in a series of subscription boxes for the service. Viewster, a Swiss company founded in 2007, announced the first box of OMAKASE merchandise in December but has since been focusing on other items. This month’s box will feature items featuring Piapro character designs. The box is scheduled to begin shipping on March 25.

Viewster is an international video streaming service. Their OMAKASE service includes anime streaming, music, comics, and merchandise. One such product is the exclusive Senketsu “eye” scarf. Viewster created the scarf in-house as part of its efforts to offer quality merchandise. Influential members of the anime community have been modeled with the scarf, tying it to the #dontloseyourscarf hashtag.

Another Omakase exclusive is a T-shirt with a special Hatsune Miku artwork by artist HappyMappy. The stylized Miku is holding a microphone and a keypad, which contrast with the vibrant purple fabric of the garment. For a comparison, we found a similar on the official website of WeLoveFine. With the logo and the text on the shirt, it’s a good idea to check out the box for yourself.

Limited edition manga

The Kill la Kill Limited Edition manga by Udon Entertainment is available for purchase. The package contains six months of the manga, as well as an art book featuring the main characters. The art book also features sketches of the manga’s main characters. The manga is distributed by Udon and features artwork by renowned illustrator Hiroaki Amano. This manga is rated M for mature content. The limited edition manga includes a bonus item that’s unique to Viewster: a reversible cover featuring the girls from the 5th anniversary art. It also comes with a mini art booklet and is only available in limited quantities.

Exclusive Senketsu “eye” scarf

Anime fans can get their hands on an exclusive Senketsu “eye” scarf from the Kill la Kill anime series with a Kill la Kil subscription. Aside from the scarf, subscribers can also receive an exclusive gold-foil hardcover edition of the manga series, digital comics, and ad-free anime streaming on Viewster. The scarf is one of the most popular items from the hit series and is available for pre-order from Viewster now. The Senketsu’s hood and scarf are also made from high-quality cotton.

A unique feature of the sailor uniform is its color. It changes from red to navy blue in appearance. The collar is tied with a multi-colored scarf, and the top part of the skirt has an inset piece that resembles an eye. The two eyes on the top are covered with black “eyepatch” scarves. The lower jaw is held up with three suspendersThe first box of the series has a theme, which varies from month to month. Alpha Box featured vocaloid Hatsune Miku, while Beta Box was themed back to school. Beta Box winners will receive it in October, and items will include an out-of-print Mameshibas, Love Live! Notebook, and Azumanga Daioh button. Exclusive Senketsu “eye” scarf.

It has good video quality

You can watch movies and TV shows for free on Viewster if you don’t mind watching advertisements. The service is free to use and requires no registration. You can browse videos by genre, date added, or most watched. There are a few options for video playback, including subtitles. Video quality is decent, but it isn’t as good as CinemaNow. Some videos have annoying ads that last up to a minute.

Although Viewster is free, the video quality is not very high. The company wants to follow the model of Netflix, offering a free service with advertising and a paid subscription that’s ad-supported. Its advertisements are very modest, lasting only fifteen to 30 seconds and occur every eight minutes. That’s not so bad, and most consumers won’t mind paying for the service. It’s also worth noting that Viewster doesn’t charge for video quality, and that there are no restrictions on content size.


This site requires no membership fee and you can sign up for a free account at any time. Crackle is a free service that offers an extensive range of free streaming videos. Viewster features thousands of movies, anime, and original web content. In addition to prime videos, Viewster offers a small selection of popular British TV shows.