Types Of Cosmetic Packaging Supplies

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Plastic is a common material used for packaging cosmetic products and supplies. Its popularity is based on several factors, including its cost, light weight, durability, and odorless properties. It also exhibits good aesthetic qualities. However, it does have its disadvantages, such as being susceptible to absorption, stress cracking, and crazing.


Heptachrome is a revolutionary printing technology that greatly extends colour coverage and creates intense colours for cosmetic packaging. This unique process eliminates the need for Pantone colours and enables the rapid printing of limited edition, seasonal and product lines. The Heptachrome process also guarantees fast setup and preparation times, allowing for quicker delivery times.


Vinyl bags are popular containers for bath bottles and cosmetics. Not only are they durable, but they also protect products from accidental spills. Vinyl cosmetic bags are available in a variety of styles, including those with fabric accents or organza and satin tops. They also close with a drawstring to prevent spills.


A great tool to use with cosmetic packaging is a sprayer. A sprayer is a device that allows you to apply a product directly to the skin or hair without having to apply it to a pump. Many jars and tubes are made of plastic and come with different nozzle sizes and types. These jars are a good choice for lotion or skin care products since they can prevent the product from spilling or running off when sprayed.


There are various types of dispensers that can be used in the packaging of cosmetic products. They can be made of plastic or metal and come in a variety of capacities. They can also be made of various colors and shapes. You can choose one that complements your brand and the type of product you’re selling. For example, if you sell hygienic formulas, you can choose a dispenser head with a contrasting color wall mount. These dispensers are suitable for both liquid and solid cosmetic products, including foundation, serums, and creams.


Cosmetics packaging companies often use airless pump bottles to make their products more appealing to consumers. These bottles are airless because they don’t require a pressurized gas to keep the contents of the bottle fresh. They are made with high-impact plastic that maintains the stability of the product and helps it last for longer. They also have an airtight seal, which is great for transportation and storage.


A wide variety of closures is available for cosmetic packaging supplies. One common choice is the plastic injection molding process, which allows for efficient mass production of identical components in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Another option is the industrial 3D printing process, which can be utilized to produce customized closures in a variety of colors and configurations.


Cosmetics packaging supplies require a variety of caps to meet specific functional and aesthetic requirements. Brands often enlist the help of design and engineering teams to create customized caps. While the basic cap is an easy choice for most brands, it can be more complicated when specialized features are desired. For instance, a luxury brand may ask for a specific sound when the cap is applied.


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