Turn Your Ordinary Pictures into Model’s Look With One Touch

We use a variety of applications to create beautiful our own photos, including filters that make them beautiful. If the picture is made of circles under the eyes do not look like that, there has been no reduction, face coming very fat or eyes appear to be small, can be changed to the only one touch. Well, there are several applications in this regard, but no replacement for Chinese Application named (MeituPic). This application was available in Asia for many years, but only now has the real fame, when it was released in Europe. It has gained rapid popularity applications come to the market and has been included in the top ten apps.Model's Look With One Touch

MeituPic is the application of the name Meitu Shiv Shiv’ which means ‘beautiful more beautiful’. This application is absolutely free and available for both iOS and Android. In addition, its web and desktop versions exist, but only in Chinese, while this application is available in English. Using its all features you can give the model look to your imagesModel's Look With One Touch

[adsense]This application is therefore able to beautify the face, because it was the best use facial recognition technology, that 171 positioning the filters can understand exactly right face points, namely that it knows Where are your eyes because your face will not be quite awkward if you would like to see large or small. Similarly, if you would like to beautify the skin, it adds the missing spots stain on the face, the hair can also correct. For each such facility exists in the image which can be made specialModel's Look With One Touch (2)

Security experts are also forbidden to use this app, your personal information such as location, phone number, EMIE number, etc, sent back to China and this data are displayed. While other experts say, it is not new. Other apps do this because, it is the only application tracking problem, not spying. However MeituPic administration has rejected this allegation, we do not sell any data. Free Download MeituPic