Transfer, Computer or Mobile Data Without Wire and Internet Connection

Our everyday routine is to transfer data from one computer to another and from a smartphone to another smartphone, or from phone to computer and computer to phone. For this work you will see different ways in which different applications are used. If you want to make the extent of data transfer easier, you should use the “Dukto” program.┬áThis data is completely free from the platform and operating system restrictions to transfer data.Dukto

Whether you’re using Android or iOS, Windows users, Mac or Linux. This simply transfers your data faster. It does not even need internet to transfer data.[adsense]Dukto-1

Whenever this program is installed, it will automatically present all of its devices on the network. This great program is available free of charge: Download Dukto Free.Dukto-2

You can install it on all your devices, then open it from anywhere, it will show all the devices on your network and the device you want to send to the device. That’s not a configuration, no password, file or full folder or just text, it transfers all data.