Top Five Free Android SmartPhone Games In Puzzle Category 2016

Looking for free challenging and brain teasing puzzle games? Look no further, as we have reviewed five escape games you can download for free. Exercise your brain while you have an exciting fun time playing! Here’s the list of our review, Rock the Ball is one of the best addictive slide puzzle games to unblock the ball ,Bubble Shooter game played by over ten million people, Block Puzzle Mania is a classic yet innovative game ,With Bejeweled BlitzEnjoy one minute of endless match-3 fun from PopCap and EA ,Infinity Loop is the most trending games in 2016.Top Five Android Puzzle Games 2016

1- Rock the Ball:
Rock the BallRock the ball is the most recent game created by Sweet Potato which has already developed a number of other games in different categories. It is a sliding puzzle game, which lets you find the hidden path by sliding the moveable tiles in order to create a path for the ball to travel through, while one or more tile remains fixed. Attractive visuals and colors, appropriate for the game, not too vibrant, and apt graphics create an appealing play environment. Simple thought provoking puzzles advance with each level to more advanced and progressive levels. The aim of this game is to let you create a pathway within the fewest moves possible. A real brain teaser, it will keep you engrossed as you unlock more levels. The game gets saved automatically and you can play more at your convenience. It’s a match – 3 puzzle game, users can easily learn how to play, but as the levels get more difficult, you face more of a challenge to go through them. Download Link

2- Bubble Shooter:
Bubble ShooterAs the name suggests, this game lets users shoot the bubbles. If two or more same colored bubbles are hit, they fall down, making way for more. A cannon at the bottom of the screen hits the bubbles at the top. With a touch of the screen, the gun can change directions for easy manipulation. The appeal of this game is that the player competes with the CPU or phone while playing. Two game screens are displayed simultaneously. This feature of displaying two simultaneous screens reduces screen size considerably when played on a smart phone. This game lets you adjust difficulty amongst other features. It does not display a high score, but when the game ends, it shows a winner and a loser between the player and computer. It has been created by GameOn, which has developed several other bubble games as well. Download Link

3- Block Puzzle Mania:
Block Puzzle ManiaA retro puzzle game, a fast and free download, comes with a bit of a twist. Sliding puzzle style shapes in the form of bricks, squares or dots, are to be used to form lines in the play grid. Unlike other similar games, this does not let you change the direction of your shapes. If you’re into more of a challenge than this is the game for you, but for others it may seem annoying not to be able to switch the direction as is possible in the classic style of this game. It offers a day and night mode and displays the score on the top and three available shapes at the bottom. The colors are vibrant, but there are not much graphics going on here. It is developed by Block Mania. Download Link[adsense]

4- Bejeweled Blitz:
Bejeweled BlitzBejeweled Blitz is free to download and offers a tutorial that one can skip to move on to the game. During a one minute time frame displayed at the bottom of the play screen, players have to switch the shapes amongst each other to match three or more same color shapes. It displays hint indicator telling the user which shapes to switch. There are high score moves as well. Overall, the graphics although visually appealing, are a bit overcrowded and heavy. While it is a match – 3 puzzle game, still it does not offer anything new and is rather run of the mill. But then again, it’s a family puzzle game, everyone can enjoy regardless of their age. Developed by Pop Candy, they have a number of other games to their credit. Download Link

5- Infinity Loop:
Infinity LoopDeveloped by Order of Chaos, Loop is the only game they seem to be offering till now. It’s slightly different than the other games reviewed here because it seems a bit bland and monochrome. The idea behind it is to turn around the lines to connect the dots with each other. The level progresses to the next only when all the dots are connected with lines. The logo which is shaped like a loop itself is uninspiring and a bit boring to say the least. Promoted by the developers as a simple, relaxing and endless game, it holds true to its word because it might put you to sleep if you’re really not into it.
The developers can devote some time and energy towards this game, by adding appealing graphics, make it more eye catching and exciting. Nonetheless, a good time kill. Download Link