Top 5 G Suite CRMs You Should Use Today

Top 5 G Suite CRMs

Management of relationships with customers, employees, contractors, and clients forms the ground of every business enterprise. Every corporation knows how important it is to maintain a cordial relationship with its stakeholders, including workers and outsiders. With the help of Google G Suite CRM, big business giants have been able to balance their alliance in the industry through email automation and intelligence of CRM software.Top 5 G Suite CRMs

G Suite CRM has been brought up by Google apps to do the task of managing customer relations automatically rather than depending on a team of individuals. The problem with doing this task manually is that humans can be manipulative and influential, but the software is not engineered to do so. Below mentioned are 5 of the best CRM for Google Suite that can be used in today’s world to walk toe to toe with the industry’s standards:


EngageBay is a single, unified and affordable digital platform for small and medium businesses that combines marketing automation, sales automation, ticketing helpdesk and a free CRM for b2b, all in a single solution. Features such as Email Marketing CRM, Lead Generation tools, Contact Management, Deal Pipeline, Telephony, Email Sequences, full service Help Desk Automation and many others, EngageBay is a complete solution for a business's marketing, sales & service needs.


Streak is a CRM software that allows its user to maintain contacts, names, addresses, and other personal information of people to sustain automated communication. The best aspect of this CRM is that it suggests different company names add to your contact list. Often, users who are into the sales business or department prefer this over any other CRM.

People with initial business or corporate startups can go for this as it is simple and easy to use. It offers a free, as well as a professional version. Two users can use the free version for email tracking, merging mail, integration to G Suite and creating colour-coded pipelines. The payment of $49 is required to get a professional version, but it is worth it as you get reporting, API, and call logging along with other features.


It is the most natural interface of all of the above. It provides you ease in navigation, syncing contacts to Gmail, and creating several dashboards. Companies that are looking for a visual-oriented interface must stop their search at Pipedrive because, as the name suggests, you can have unlimited pipelines with this.

This G Suite CRM has silver, gold, and platinum plans in which it offers email templates, calendar scheduler, smart contact data, customizable dashboards, and company goals. It is mostly criticised for its lack of Gmail campaigns.


As the name itself suggests, Hubspot is a CRM interface that consists of 3 hubs viz. contact management, activity tracker, and email tracking. The businesses which are involved in sales and marketing and are looking for integration with unlimited user storage must go for it.[adsense]

It is the go-to CRM interface with all the necessary features and a few additional ones like several email templates and scheduling of emails. One doesn’t even have to pay for these features as they are all included in the free CRM G Suite version itself. However, one can only send 200 emails each month in this CRM.


Agile CRM is for those who like their work customised. The contact management deals with not only has powerful marketing automation but also integration with social media. However, if you are scouring for a live chat option, you might restrict yourself from going for it, but it is a true return on investment.

It has the best plan among other G Suite CRM classified into free, starter and regular payment options and features. The content in Agile is sent by email and text, which allows its users to integrate with third parties automatically.


Zoho fits the best for companies dealing in real-time data relating to the sales and marketing industry. Various social media campaigns are used to get sales stimuli and attract their target customer base. You can rightfully say that it has all the features that are necessary for a perfect CRM with G Suite.

Three users can use the interface by getting plans for free, standard and professional requirements. Zoho turns sales insights into reality, which is why the users are mostly satisfied with the entire package of deals in one box. However, complaints have been received time and again against its contact view and lack of marketing capability.

G Suite CRM are designed in a manner to ease out communication. All these CRMs are evaluated based on different parameters like features, size, functionality, dynamics, customisation, and incurred costs.
Usefyi offers 350+ CRM templates and marketing resources. However, you can always choose the one that suits your requirements the best based on the nature of your business.