Top 5 Apps For Growing Your Personal Training Business


If you are a personal trainer and planning to start your own gym clubs then you can’t manage without a management app. Most of the renowned trainers have also made their clubs tech oriented and incorporated special software apps.

These best apps for personal trainers are popular because they help to manage gym club tasks including handling client’s portal, their billing, scheduling, streamlining workflow of multiple different departments of a gym. These useful apps come with amazing features which tends to make your tiring manual tasks automated so you can provide customized training to more clients in the same working hours.

There are many apps which help you to manage advertising campaigns or handle the manual tasks of your club. If you know what your clubs really need, you may find the best one. Here we have discussed the top 5 apps which can transform your gym business and let it reach new heights of glory.

Best Apps For Your Training Business

Our professionals find out which applications and tools are the most effective after a detailed survey. Let’s know of their five major selections.

1.   Mevolife Software Suite—Offers Best Features

Mevolife software is a world-renowned application for its amazing features that systematize your gym and give it a professional appearance in no time. This programme handles a variety of tasks, including dealing with clients, staff, and other partners.

Furthermore, Mevolife simplifies administrative operations like billing, scheduling, business meetings, marketing, sales automation, and others. This one-man army tool allows you to give highly tailored services to your clients by tracking their progress.

This software has a simple interface that will assist you in running your online training business. Therefore, you can easily manage your online clients and increase the client engagement. Due to this engagement, the number of subscriptions to your online services will boost in no time. You may also provide discounts and incentives, advertise your business and attract trainees from all over the world. Your online clients may also contact you via chatting or video calling using the programme. This effective communication contributes to the development of trust in your clientele, who may stay with you for a longer period of time.

Another fantastic feature is the automation of alerts. Using pre-built templates, you may send notifications and reminders to your clients about group meetings, sessions, and can remind them to pay their bills.

As a result, the entire revenue of your business develops quickly with this great software allowing you to create the huge club of your dreams.

2.    PT Distinction—Best For Group Programs

PT distinction is a distinct software from the rest of the trainer softwares because it provides the most enhanced features to communicate with your clients. The online clients want the most customized services, and it will only be possible if you listen to them properly and understand their needs. Therefore, effective communication with your clients is key to growing your business and delivering your services appropriately.

Moreover, this software is also popular due to the availability of group programs. You may design programs for multiple clients and handle a number of clients in a single time. Therefore, you can increase your revenue easily with this software.

Furthermore, the PT Distinction also enables you to connect with other trainers so you may share your tips with them and learn something new from them. Additionally, the tracking feature of this software is also high-quality which helps you to track your clients and office employees and run your business smoothly.

3.   Practice Better—Comes With Initial Discounts

Practice Better software is suitable for personal trainers from every niche. Whether you are a dance trainer, Zumba, yoga instructor or fitness coach, this software enables you to deliver your most tailored services to your clients.

Moreover, this software is renowned for handling your gym club’s tasks efficiently, including bookings, appointments, billings, tracking employees’ activities etc. You will also stay free from payroll as the software can calculate it for you.

Furthermore, you can keep your clients engaged with creating progress worksheets. These worksheets encourage clients to do their best and consistently complete their workouts. In addition, you can also engage your clients by creating different courses.

Additionally, the video call feature for training sessions helps trainers deliver live classes and monitor their trainees. These live classes develop a sense of reliability for trainees, leading to retaining your clients for longer and generating overall revenue.

4.   TrueCoach—Best For Handling Administrative Tasks

If you are tired of handling the manual tasks of your gym clubs then TrueCoach can help you. This software is specially designed for handling administrative tasks, including online payment, booking and scheduling, notifying clients about accounts receivables etc.

Moreover, this software also monitors your employees’ activities and records their communication with clients so you may get the transparency of your business.

Furthermore, its special workout builder feature enables trainers to create the most customized workout plan for every client easily. The plan is saved in the library with other pre-made thousands of plans. Therefore, creating a plan for a new client will always be easier.

Additionally, trainers can track clients’ workout progress through this software, which helps them update their profiles and reach steadily towards their goals.

5.   PT Minder—Suitable For Client Handling

This app is easy to use and helps to manage your large number of growing clients vigilantly. The app offers a wide range of management features, including calendars, pop-up notifications, automatic booking and payment methods, and clients appointment reminders. When all of these tasks are streamlined, you can provide the best-customized services to your clients.

Moreover, the app also helps you to create workout plans and nutrition plans with built-in templates. You just need to make a few alterations, and you can provide the most customized plans to your clients according to their requirements in no time.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make your gym business flourish then you may use any of the above mentioned apps. These apps are especially designed for managing a large number of clients and helping you to provide the most tailored workout and nutrition plans for your clients.

Ocne, your client gets what they really want then they will remain satisfied and stay with you for longer. The longer they stay due to these apps, the more income you may generate.