Top 4 Things Every Property Manager Should Know!


Whether you manage several commercial properties or a smaller group of private buildings, the world of property management is one of substantial stress, especially in these current economic times.

As with any other industry, but particularly one that matters pertaining to health and safety legislation and legal standards are of optimum importance, there is a myriad of different things to think about, all at the same time. With this being said, continue reading to learn the top four things every property manager should know.

1.  Always Plan for the Future

The development of long-term strategies to both ensure the solvency and profitability of your property management business as well as strive to grow and expand your business at any given opportunity should be part and parcel of your daily considerations.

When designing and settling on such a strategy, it can be useful to consider the following points:

  • What are some feasible ways to lessen your company’s expenditures?
  • Are you constantly striving to acquire more clients?
  • Data analysis of your tenant retention figures
  • Ask for and analyze customer and client feedback and satisfaction levels

2.   Strive for Positive & Regular Tenant Engagement

Whether you are the property manager of residential properties or a commercial building manager, communication with your tenants is incredibly important, and as a result, you should aim to regularly endeavor to improve resident engagement.

Tips for improving how and how often you positively engage and communicate with each and every one of your residents include implementing basic engagement strategies, always being as transparent and as crystal clear as possible, training your staff to the highest professional level, and aligning your overall business goals with contact center targets.

3.   Outsourcing Certain Aspects can be Incredibly Beneficial

Especially if your property management business is thriving, yet also if you have only just begun building a professional property portfolio, one relatively new and innovative avenue to ensure every single task is completed thoroughly and on time is to consider outsourcing your total property management.

There is a wide plethora of fantastic benefits, both professional and personal, to outsourcing. Such benefits include the following:

  • Lower individual labor rates
  • Increased ability to focus on certain core aspects of the business
  • Acceleration in terms of time to market
  • Improved levels of efficiency
  • Higher profit margins
  • Consistently and thoroughly legally compliant
  • Access to the latest technologies, resources and skills

Subsequently, this is why more and more business owners and managers across the length and breadth of the country and beyond are turning to other companies for help.

4.   Procrastination is A Proverbial Sin

As the often-quoted cliché attests to, procrastination truly is the thief of time, and it is even more crucial to strive to avoid procrastinating when you are the head of a business involved with the management of multiple sites.

Avoiding procrastination is somewhat of a personal journey, but it can help to try out some of the following tips and techniques:

  • Start working instead of planning your day’s objectives
  • Complete easier and quicker tasks first
  • Manage your energy levels accordingly
  • Set realistic targets and goals

Doing all of this should positively change your daily work life.