Top 10 Free Video Intro Makers in 2021


Video creation is overgrowing in today’s era, thanks to social networking and video-creating channels and websites. We mostly prefer learning something from a video because we tend to remember more than what we read. Secondly, it has a more significant impact on our learning and understanding.

Mostly the videos which people usually watch are from YouTube, and it is one of the most visited websites in the world. Watching videos makes a profound impact on what we learn.

For instance: If we read a recipe for noodles, we understand it, but If we watch that same recipe on YouTube, then the picture is entirely clear in front of us.

It was predicted that by 2022, 82 percent of total internet traffic would be from video streaming. Some fantastic video makers help us enhance our productivity and our skills in video making.

However, simply creating a video or uploading it on YouTube won’t help you gather much traffic, usually if your introduction is good. If people can relate to it, it will gather much traffic from all over the world. So it would help if you worked on the introduction of your video. There is some fantastic video intro make you should try. 

Let’s know about some fantastic free video intro makers.

1. InVideo

It is free for its users, and you can create a movie through it. You get iCloud storage with different footage and a wide variety of music into it.

You can use this app in creating short intro videos, which will be helpful to upload on YouTube and various video-creating platforms. This app is free, and the best thing is it is without any watermark. Using this app, you can create a short for a long video or movie at your convenience. 

InVideo helps you with presets of various features, which helps you to add creativity to your video. To create a video in the app, you need to select the clips and photos you want. You can use different transitions which are available there.

2. helps you with high-quality video clips and some amazing royalty-free music. They provide you with customized video templates. Facebook ads and ads for different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube is their prime focus. They usually pay attention to creating promo videos. It isn’t for free.

However, you can use for free. You get two months extra on your annual subscription. If you want to create custom YouTube intro videos, is the best.

3. Renderforest

Serving as a multipurpose platform, Renderforest helps its users in multiple ways by logo design, online video creation, and website designing too. With the help of this software, you can create a professional video in just a few minutes, and it has almost 50k different intro video templates and a vast library of photos, graphics, soundtracks, fonts. 

You get storage of 500 MB, and you can create unlimited 360p videos up to the time limit of about 3 minutes. However, you can get better and more facilities by paying 9.99 dollars per month.

4. Filmora9

Filmora9 is a fantastic video editor and Intro Maker, which you can use by installing on your computer. It doesn’t have an online version. You can generate a high-quality and good YouTube intro video in just minutes with Filmora9.

You can use it for free by installing it on your computer. You can get a premium version too by paying the required amount. 

5. Biteable

If you want to create studio-quality videos, then you need to work on Biteable. It is user-friendly and beginner-friendly, so it is easy to use and can create a high-quality video from scratch. You need to choose a template, edit it, save and you are done with the editing. It is a fantastic Intro Maker and creates a good quality video. 

6. Flixpress

Flixpress is an excellent feature-rich video maker; it supports 3d objects and has a collection of 3D assets. It includes animated text colors, fonts, photos, and text colors. This Online tool has multi layouts and fully customized templates.

Creating a YouTube video in just a few minutes doesn’t require much time on Flixpress. You can choose your video and upload it or choose the template on Flixpress and customize it. You can get a quality of 360 p, and high-resolution videos can be created on Flixpress.

7. Ivipid

Can choose the Ivipid bid if you want to work in local businesses, startups. You can be a blogger by working on this and making some fantastic intro videos. I want to create an intro video. You need to select a template and customize it. Ivipid is not free; however, it charges 1.99 dollars which is almost equivalent to free. You can create 1080 videos by switching to 6.99 dollars. 

8. Crello

Crello is a fantastic platform that creates logos, graphics, animated videos, posters, social media content, and unique YouTube intros. You want to create an intro video, you need to choose an intro and outro template, add animations of your choice, customize it, tweak the objects, tweak the background, and you are done with your editing and creation video.[adsense]

It has a fantastic variety of more than 30 k graphics and animations and over 140 million stock images to edit your video and create it to be the best one.

9. Panzoid

If you want to create custom content, then you can use Panzoid. It has tools to create custom content. This platform is entirely free and has various designers who post a variety of templates on this app. To create an intro maker, you need to choose a template in the clip maker, and you can add images, graphics, designs of your choice and make it appealing. 

The interface of this app is not user-friendly, so it will be a bit difficult and challenging for you to use this app if you haven’t used it in the past. A lot of tutorials are there to help you learn this and create some amazing stuff.

10. IntroCave

With the help of IntroCave, you can create professional videos. You can also create some fantastic intro videos. You can select various logos, graphics designs, animations, and templates on this app. You can create a short video in just a few minutes on this app. The level of customization is minimal to use here.

So, these are the top 10 free video intro makers that you can use in 2021.