Top 10 Best and Most Popular Online Advertising Networks

Online advertising Network are great way to advertising that is done over the Internet. They serve as brokers between advertisers and Web publishers, connecting sites that want to sell ad space with advertisers and agencies that want to reach potential customers. These networks also deal with hundreds of other Web sites.


Top online advertising networks are below, you can select as you choice or requirement.

01- Google Adsense:

Google-adsenseGoogle AdSense is one of the best online advertising network and successfully work since 2003. Using this network you can easy earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on your blog or websites. Also AdSense provide you Google search to your site users during earning money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages. For more detail and make new Google Adsense account from its official website:

02- Clicksor is a leading Advertising Network based in North York, Ontario and most popular in India. They provide publishers the best return through the delivery of excellent quality services, at affordable prices with exclusive customization to fulfill their needs. For more detail visit from its official website:

03- Tribal Fusion:

Tribal-FusionTribal Fusion is a famous online advertising company that drives sales for the world’s top brands by helping them learn about, reach and engage their online audiences more effectively. Tribal Fusion headquartered in Emeryville, California with operations in 37 locations worldwide.
For more information about this Online Advertising Network visit its official website:

04- BidVertiser:

BidVertiserBidVertiser is another good Advertising Network and mostly like in India. They display the ads on your website or blog, get paid for clicks and conversions and get paid by PayPal. For more detail visit from its official website:

05- BuySellAds: founded in 2008 and its headquarter in Boston. They have thousands of advertisers actively buying ads in this network each month. Not only will you be able to more efficiently sell ads to advertisers directly. The goal at BuySellAds is to help you build up a long-lasting stream of revenue from your website with quality advertisers. For more detail visit from its official website:[adsense]

06- adBrite:

AdbriteAdBrite Inc is an online advertising network founded in 2002 in San Francisco California and most popular in USA. adBrite is the largest independent ad exchange providers and real-time bidders. For more detail visit from its official website:

7- Chitika:

ChitikaChitika is popular online advertising network founded in 2003 in Massachusetts USA. Through the application of data and innovative technology in the fields of mobile, local and search Chitika has developed a vast global network that maximizes yield for both publishers and advertisers. For more detail visit from its official website:

 08- Kontera:

KonteraKontera is also great platform and mostly use in United State and Canada. They offerings ranging from related information for large websites, to operating the leading in-text ad network, and delivering ground breaking solutions in the rapidly emerging mobile space. For more detail visit from its official website:


CONTEXTWEBCONTEXTWEB.COM is a relevant advertising presented in the right environment to the right people becomes significant information that is valuable to them. They provide a positive experience for everyone. For more detail visit from its official website:

10- BurstMedia:

BurstMediaBurst Media is also important online advertising agency in the world. Some are processing and operations driven. Others are Internet visionaries. Collectively, They make a great team and founded in October 1995 in United Kingdom. For more detail visit from its official website: