Tips To Choose The Best Hotels

When selecting a hotel for your upcoming trip, there are several crucial considerations to weigh. It’s important to pick a hotel that suits your needs because it can make or break how much you enjoy your vacation. When booking a hotel, you should not only choose the one with the best rate but also one that has all the amenities required for a safe and comfortable stay. For an amazing and comfortable stay, you should choose to stay in Alila Diwa, Goa. One of the nicest hotels, complete with all the amenities. To help you choose the best hotel for your upcoming trip, we have offered some straightforward advice. The tips

are as follows:-

  • Address of the Hotel

One of the most obvious and crucial elements that need to be looked at is the hotel’s exact location. The best way to know it is through Google Maps and other people’s reviews. Location is one of the most important factors to take into account when choosing a hotel. Saving time on travel is possible when

staying at a hotel that is conveniently located. If every place you wish to go is distant from where you’re staying, you will spend a lot of time that could be spent exploring or relaxing. Also, if you want to take public transit, keep in mind that it might not run at early or late hours, which increases your chance of getting lost. Be sure the hotel is not more than a mile from the beach if you’re looking for a beach resort.

Make reservations in the region where you plan to spend most of your time. If the destinations you want to see are close to where you are staying, that would be fantastic. If you can locate a hotel with breathtaking views within your budget, your trip will be organised. Remember that you might need to use neighbouring eateries, grocery stores, and public transit. If you are looking for a beach resort, make sure the hotel is

close to the beach—no more than a mile away. Make bookings at the location where you plan to spend the most time. The best scenario would be if the places you want to visit are nearby where you are staying. If you can locate a hotel in your pricing range with breathtaking views, your trip will be organised. Do not forget that you might need to use the neighbouring eateries, food stores, and public transportation.

  • Hotel rooms

Since you will be in your hotel room the majority of the time, it should come first. Examine the room’s pictures, dimensions, view, bed options, bathroom, heating, and air conditioning, as well as all other features. Other conveniences such a fridge, safe, tea/coffee machine, and ironing board should be taken into account. While website photos can be deceptive, make sure to check reviews for things like cleanliness, size, loudness, views, etc.

  • Hotel features

Using the amenities and services the hotel provides is crucial. A hotel with a low base price but few extras may cost more than one with many extras. Check to see if the hotel has any amenities you would need while there. Room service, housekeeping, a front desk that is open around the clock, and a concierge are a few of the basic services that a reputable hotel must provide.

  • Policy on Cancellations

You’re prepared with your credit card and have found a great hotel at a fair price. Nevertheless, did you read the small print, which includes the terms and conditions about no-shows and cancellations, taxes, resort fees, and tipping? Ask the hotel whether your credit card will be charged right away or if it will be saved for future usage only. Do they simply require the down payment or the full amount? Fixing problems right away is preferable to regretting them afterwards. If you need to cancel your reservation and won’t be getting a refund, it’s a good idea to choose a hotel where you may do so without losing your money. You never know what might happen, especially now when the status of the world is so unclear.

  • Free Breakfast

It would be advantageous if breakfast was included in the cost of your accommodations. You don’t need to worry about breakfast in the morning because the continental breakfast has something for everyone. Also, it really aids in money savings. Find out what kind of breakfast the hotel serves before deciding

whether it is important to take into account.

  • Condition of the hotel

Independent housing is not as safe an option as hotels that are a member of well-known organisations. From well-known chains because of their reputation in the sake industry, we may typically expect a specific standard. It’s beneficial to sign up for reward programmes with renowned hotel companies.

  • Hotel accessibility and security

The airport and the train station should both provide easy access to the hotel. If the hotel provided a complimentary airport shuttle, it would be a major perk. Public transit should be easily available to make travelling convenient and affordable. Your expenses could go up dramatically if you use Uber or a taxi.

The hotel should be located in a secure area, thus one should feel confident visiting it at odd hours. If a girl is travelling alone or if they are bringing children, they should exercise particular caution.

  • Check in and out time

One factor in particular is significant but frequently ignored. If you arrived in the city before the designated checking time or left the city too late, you wouldn’t have a room. Find out from the hotel whether early check-in or late checkout are allowed. Most of the time, hotels are accommodating and sympathetic. If nothing else, they need to be willing to store your bags without costing you more.


If you want to enjoy your vacation, you must stay in a high-quality hotel. Even though people don’t normally spend much time in their hotel rooms when travelling, having a space to unwind after a day of exploring is still important. For an amazing and comfortable stay, you should choose to stay in Alila Diwa, Goa as it has all the features that one seeks while looking for a location to stay for an awesome stay.