Tighten Your Enterprise Security With These Steps


Modern-day business will not run or operate without a network where all the data is kept and shared among the workers or employees. But with the number of reports on data threats, which big organizations are currently experiencing, it is the right time to change the security of the company’s network. There are several ways companies can tighten their security, and some of the methods are provided below. Please take a look!

1.  Using a Virtual Private Network or VPN

Virtual private network or, in short, VPN can easily encrypt the data connection and transfer all your data through the web. Many VPN services, like the ones recommended on privacyenbescherming, come with an in-built feature that can disconnect the hardware when a protected connection is lost. This will help in keeping you safe and secure from unwanted data leaks. With the help of a VPN, your workers or employees can use Wi-Fi during a business without compromising on the company’s sensitive data.

2. Restrict or disable DHCP

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocols or DHCP helps in defining the IP addresses the device will have on the network. This helps in making it a lot easier to maintain the Wi-Fi network. But if you wish to make it secure, you must limit the IPs assigned by the DHCP or disable the feature entirely. But if you disable the DHCP, you have to set an IP address manually for all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi.

3. Install the Web Application Firewall

WAF or web application firewall helps protect all the sensitive information of the individuals who purchase your products and items through the online platform. With the help of WAF, all your customer’s data is kept well-protected from hackers.[adsense]

4. Update the router firmware

When you have outdated firmware, your business network will become vulnerable to hackers. To anticipate a situation like this from taking place, you must update your firmware at least once every year. Many businesses believe that firmware updates are not that important. But that’s not true. You must constantly update your router firmware so that you can quickly fix all the existing bugs.

Final words

Businesses of today should provide their data from interferences and thefts. Doing so will not just keep the network safe but also protect the data present inside the network. That is why you must opt for proper security steps that keep all your sensitive data away from hackers, malware, viruses and various other things.