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Pakistan Penal Code-1

This Act may be called the Criminal Law (amendment) Act, 2015. Amendment of section 82, Act XIN of 1860.— In the Pakistan Penal Code (Act XI V of 1860), hereinafter referred to as the Penal Code, for the word “seven” the word “ten” shall he substituted. 1. Amendment of section 83, Act XLV of 1860.—In the Penal Code, in section 83 or the word “seven” the word “ten” shall be substituted and for the word “twelve” the word -fourteen” shall be substituted. Keep this information to yourself, these rights can be valid at any time.Pakistan Penal Code-1

Pakistan Penal Code

Pakistan Penal Code

[adsense]In PAKISTAN, there are some facts of law that we are not aware of, we are victims of our rights. So let’s do something like this

Five interesting facts, provide you with information, which can be useful anytime in life.

1- Women cannot be arrested in the evening

Under the Criminal Code, under Section 46, after 6 pm and before 6 am, the police cannot arrest any woman, no matter how serious the crime. If the police is founded doing so, a complaint can be lodged against the arrested police officer. This could jeopardize the job of this police officer.

2- Insurance up to Rs. 4 million can be claimed for loss of life and property due to exploding cylinder.

Under the Public Liability Policy, if for any reason the cylinder breaks in your home and you face loss of life and property, you can immediately claim an insurance cover from the gas company. Let me tell you that an insurance claim of up to Rs. 4 million can be made from a gas company. If the company denies or postpones your claim, it can be complained about. If found guilty, the gas company’s license can be revoked.

3- Any hotel whether it is 5 stars; you can drink water for free and use the washroom

According to the Series Act, 1887, you can go to any hotel in the country to ask for water and drink it and also use the washroom of that hotel. If the hotel is small or 5 stars, they can’t stop you. If the hotel owner or an employee stops you from drinking water or using the washroom, you can take action. Your complaint may result in revocation of this hotel’s license.

4- Pregnant women cannot be fired

According to the Maternity Benefit Act 1961, pregnant women cannot be fired suddenly. During pregnancy, the owner must pay three months’ notice and pay a portion of the expenses. If he does not do so, then a complaint can be lodged with the government employment organization. This complaint may cause the company to close or the company may have to pay a fine.

5- The police officer cannot refuse to write your complaint

According to section 166A of the PPC, no police officer can refuse to register your complaints. If he does, then a complaint can be lodged with the senior police office. If convicted, the police officer could face up to a minimum of six months to one year in prison or face dismissal.
These are interesting facts, which come under the law of our country, but we are unaware of them.