The Photo Stick, Great Things Comes in Small Packages

The Photo Stick

Do you ever find it frustrating to find all of your photos and print them off? It seems so difficult these days to get digital photos out into the real world. It’s not like it used to be when I would take my roll of film to the store to have the photos developed. If you’re like me… you like to make sure you’ll never lose a precious memory. And while no one wants to sit on a computer all day organizing photos (deleting duplicates, organizing, backing them up to the cloud…), the fact is we spend more time “dealing with” the photos than actually enjoying the memories they hold.The Photo StickAccording to recent research, while technology has made it easier to take photos, it’s become more difficult than ever for average people to store and enjoy the photos.

Precious pictures and videos of your grandchildren are priceless. If you’re an active and an always present grandmother who made a hobby out of snapping photos and taking videos of your grandkids as they are growing up, then you will understand the sentiment.

The challenge you will discover is how to organize, protect, and save these precious pictures and videos. You certainly can’t leave them saved on your digital cameras or mobile phones as these devices are very prone to be damaged, lost, and even stolen. You can save these memories on a computer, but computers are too bulky and heavy for your taste, especially if you are traveling from your house to your grandkids’ houses. Also, saving them up in the Cloud is quite a daunting task for you as just sorting and finding these files can take up most of your time, the time you can spend with your loved ones instead.

Don’t fret, be happy for great things comes in small packages, you will love the Photo Stick! Check Out More details on The photostick gadget at Holgadirect.Photo Stick

What is Photostick? Is it any good?

It is a small USB thumbdrive where you can use to safely store your photos and videos as easy as counting from one to three![adsense]
The good things you will get in using the Photostick are:

1. Just plug it on any open USB slot, and you are good to go. It is so easy to use because it has its own unique interface; you don’t have to know complicated computer facts to enjoy this device. Just hit the “Go” button when the interface appears. No need to do anything.

2. You can back up or saved 60,000 photos and videos on Photo Stick, this wonderful device runs instantly on Mac or Windows, and there is no software to install.

3. Photo Stick removes duplicate versions of your photos, so only one copy of the same file remains, you will save much needed space. This amazing device searches every file and folder on your computer to get every photo and video file, so nothing is ever left out.

4. Photo Stick works so fast, instantly backing up to a thousand photos in minutes, speedy enough for you not to be late with your appointments.

5. You can do backups every week or as often as you like using Photo Stick, allowing you to keep up with new pictures or videos to add to your collection.

6. The Photo Stick is so versatile you can save nearly every photo and video file types. You won’t be bothered with the “can’t save file type” warning you often see on your computer screen anymore.

7. Another lovely thing is you can have Photo Stick delivered right at your doorstep! You can order them online, and you can choose the amount of storage capacity or space you need.

8. The Photo Stick is small and light and sturdy, you definitely find the best way to keep it where it won’t be forgotten or lost, and you can bring it wherever you go because it is durable.

Your grandchildren will be amazed and feel very much loved if you can show them your collection at every family gathering or at every time you visit them with your Photo Stick.