The Pakistani Flag Frame Also Available on Facebook

Do you want to embellish your Facebook profile photo with Pakistani flag? If yes, then Facebook users can set their profile photos with the help of this option is launched in the photo frame, the flags of their countries. Before that, there was no such app on Facebook. The profile photos can embellish the Pakistani flag, but now it came to new updates. Facebook can express almost 200 countries have national flags of the profile frames feature, which lets users love their country in front of friends.Pakistani Flag Frame on Facebook

After going the profile frames to choose the Pakistani flag, that will appear in the upper left corner of the profile photo. Know this procedure, first of all go to mobile app or desktop browser frame page. Pakistani Flag Frame on Facebook

You have to search in the desktop version, so the method is that to write “Pakistan” in the search option. After searching Pakistan go downward, then select the option to the upper left side of Pakistan name.[adsense]Pakistani Flag Frame on Facebook (2)

After that click on use as a profile picture option on the right side downward and Pakistani flag will embellish on your profile. You can set time period as your own will, which can be one hour to unlimited time.Pakistani Flag Frame on Facebook (3)

just as 23rd March is not very far, and this photo frame will also be helpful or as you wish to use. Because it was demanding for a long time from Facebook. Before this the 3rd party application was involved in the addition of any flag on FB profile photo.