The Next Generation Powerful And Highly Secure Decentralized Internet On The Earth

Now the word is connected with the Internet, but this Internet is not a highly secure. So the secret agencies start Surveillance of their citizens any time. Moreover, through Internet traffic is trying to track on other countries. To ovoid this strict supervision a German person named “Kim Dotcom” has started to develop a new Internet. He said that this new internet will be invisible the citizens in the eye of the regulatory authorities. He named this new Internet “MegaNet” and this Internet will depend on that processing power, which do not use for people phones and laptops.MegaNet

Kim Dotcom, from MegaUpload (Mega Limited) has made an application of “MegaNet”, and the customer gets the advantage by installing it in their Phones or Laptops. This Internet will become more powerful, as the more people download this application and install in their devices.[adsense]

He says that, his internet provides a highly secure network, where your messages are encrypted and verified by all devices. Certainly magNet will make more secure the infrastructure of modern communication and computing power of smartphones and computers.