The Next Generation Modern Operating System With Workbench Environment

A graphical interface file manager and application launcher for the Operating System called AmigaOS. This operating system is like workbench includes some general purpose tools and utility programs such as a Notepad for typing text, MultiView for viewing images and Amigaguide documents, Unarc for unpacking Archives, a PDF reader, a number of small preferences programs for changing settings of the GUI and OS etc. Latest AmigaOS 4. x used C, C++, ARexx, Pascal, COBOL, BASIC, Python, PHP, Perl, E, Amiga E, Modula-2, C64 Basic, REBOL, Ruby, Java 1.4.1, Programming languages to the system.

Main Features:AmigaOS

1- Internet Browsing with Timberwolf & OWB
2- Desktop Publishing with PageStream
3- The installation procedure of the AmigaOS is really fast and simple.
4- Animate in 3D with Blender
5- Watch movies with DvPlayer & MPlayer
6- Listen to music with TuneNet & AmigaAmp
7- AmigaOS comes with its own desktop environment called Workbench.[adsense]

AmigaOS (2) For more detail see online Amiga workbench simulation and if you like this OS than buy and support the development team. Latest Amiga OS 4.1 in web version is more interesting and works on mobile with touch support, check