The Landscaping Trends to Follow in 2023 for Homeowners

Spring is the season of renewal and revitalization. Your home is one of the best places to implement this. As you soak in the balmy weather after a colder spell, the colorful and soothing season invites you to celebrate life and socialize more. It lets you deck up different parts of your property and enjoy their beauty with your near and dear ones. Frequently renovating a home is optional, especially if you recently upgraded it. However, a few tweaks here and there only bother anyone a little. For instance, you can replace the old hardware of your cabinetry. If the faucet has been leaky, you can get rid of it.

Farm sinks have function and style. You can move from your old sink to a farmhouse design. Change curtains, doormats, upholstery, and other items. Opt for things easier on your budget. But did you work on your home’s landscaping yet? If not, spring is the best time to overhaul your backyard and garden for a vibrant appearance. Accented patios, water features, and other quintessential spring-like elements deserve to be a part of your property. Opportunities are galore for everyone, whether you are a new or experienced homeowner. Let’s explore some quickly.

Wildlife fun

COVID-19 severely affected people’s connection with nature. With everyday life back in full force with a new definition, there is an urge to bring a part of the natural world inside one’s property. If you love bird-watching, you can benefit from concepts like rewilding that allow wildlife in your garden or backyard. Due to nature spacing designs, the gardens look more open and free-flowing. You can include annuals like begonias, zinnias, and celosia argentea in the lawn apart from perennials. Also, add pergolas covered with foliage like ivy to attract wildlife. Anything with a sprawling canopy can be a good choice. Since birds love taking baths, you can opt for birdbaths with tiny fountains. Go for a rustic or natural vibe, though.

Watering holes are another rewilding idea. The low-lying pond-like structures can be ideal. Deer, squirrels, birds, and frogs seek these places. Build this area with different plants, such as creeping jenny, water lettuce, and taro. Furniture items can be limited in number in the garden to keep winding pathways free. To enhance your wildlife experience, you can also install bird feeders on trees. Those who want to draw the attention of pollinators through their rewilding design incorporate flowers like marigolds, daisies, lavender, and coneflowers. If you live in Arizona or Utah, you can choose water-conserving or drought-tolerant landscaping.

Homegrown food

Another gardening style that has peaked recently is victory gardens or kitchen gardens. These concepts encourage utility, functionality, beauty, and more by rewarding hobbies. It is another area that most people connect with other than birdwatching. During the

pandemic, many places experienced food shortages. Cases of hoarding food rose. All these made people realize they should grow their food in their home gardens to avoid such circumstances in the future. You can leverage this trend by adding a garden bed to your property. Look for choices like sunflowers, radishes, peas, squash, lavender, and okra.

You can give your garden an exciting feel with picket fences, large planter boxes, vertical gardens, elevated beds, and clay pots. Those who want to indulge in this trend but on a smaller footprint can go for window boxes or balcony gardens. These places can help with growing succulents and spices.

Water plants and ponds

Because of their gentle and calming nature, everyone knows these visual treats can soothe any jaded eye or soul. 2023 is all about water features for many householders. They want to add water fountains in the backyard. They mostly favor DIY projects instead of professional installations to keep their cost in check. You can have similar or different expectations. You can create small-scale living ponds or rain gardens if you have a budget. These are suitable for wildlife. In DIY projects, you can search for additions like pot water or ball water fountains. You can check videos to learn about their installation.

Since eco-friendly options are also catching up, many people use water pumps that harness solar power. They also grow water-based perennial plants like water lilies, creeping jennies, etc. However, the pond has to be large enough for these. Imagine having plants that live in water and solar-run fountains. It can be the greenest thing. If you’re not into the idea of having a green themed pond area, consider installing a small pool you can dip your feet into during the warm months, of course it’ll need looking after, with a Pool Liner Replacement Atlanta (or elsewhere more relevant) service needed every now and then to keep it in top condition, the effort is definitely worth it for your own pool to take a dip in.

A few highlights

No matter what you choose, a rustic theme dominates all the design ideas – farmhouse, rewilding, and cabin core. If you check popular social media reels, most people are crushing over this choice, which was predominantly an interior design favorite. Today, this décor has spread its wing into the outdoor space from your living area. There is a legitimate reason behind such a movement. The focus on everything natural combines well with cast-iron furniture and brick-and-mortar walls. Even color palettes agree. The yellow flowers and dull orange decorative grass hues perfectly match auburn and muted browns. The rundown appeal of the furniture elevates the rustic theme more. That means you can also add anything recycled, upcycled, or reclaimed.

Only buy new furniture if you want to bear additional maintenance costs. Instead, old planter boxes, rocking chairs, picnic tables, and benches will do. However, fill up the space with only a few of those features. These features can stay in the background. The garden should remain free.

Homeowners spend lots of time and money on landscaping to give their outdoor space a luxurious twist. It’s an individualistic choice. You can improve your backyard or garden to extend your indoor world outside to gather with your family and friends in your free time. You may not be particularly interested in impressing anyone. If that’s the case, a simple DIY project can do more than you need. Still, it’s better to explore all the alternatives. Check elements that can make your outdoor area more fascinating, regardless of the budget and complexity. Since plenty of opportunities are available, you can pick one hassle-free. And if you decide to take professional help, make sure to hire someone with experience and knowledge. Take quotes from them based on your design goals before signing up for a service.