The First Muslim-Friendly Search Engine Can Search Faster Without Opening The Haram Content

Halalgoogling is a first search engine, alternative for the existing search engines that do not satisfy the needs of the Muslims. Halalgoogling is designed to respect the Muslim Culture and it is the World’s unique Muslim search engine that has a built in system to filter Haram content. Its Mission is to satisfy the internet needs of the Muslim community, so each Muslim can surf the web in the Halal way.

Halalgoogling[adsense]Main Features

1- Overall search results filtering of different categories and updated daily.
2- Black List of websites that are not allowed to appear on the search results
3- Removal of only certain pages/links from a website, blog or forum etc.
4- List of keywords that are not allowed to be searched or to search the entire web (only certain trusted sites).

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