The First Complete Urdu Computer Operating System Developed By Paklinux


Free PakLinux is a complete, innovative and safe from viruses (Virus-Free) Urdu, a Linux-based operating system, It is a collection of software that enables you to use your computer. Typically, you install it for free running Linux (installed) because you do not need to boot from CD and can run directly on your computer, then if you like it or any other operating system as a separate. Download size 814 MBPaklinuxOS-Microsoft Windows can be installed with the daily use of your already installed software such as web browsers, word processors, spreadsheets, messenger, email client, download manager, text editor, image editor, address book, video player, audio player, video editor and many other daily use while thousands of software more software can be installed on just one click. The Linux operating system is presented totally free for you.

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