The Complete ENPS Guide

ENPS means employee net promoter score, and it is generally a metric that shows how likely your staff can recommend your organization as a workplace. This score gives business owners an idea of their engagement level, general work happiness, and commitment. 

Business owners must send a specific survey to their workers to determine how likely they are to recommend your company to a client on a scale of one to ten. You need more than one eNPS question to inform you on what to do with the answers, which is why it has a second part.

Below we discuss how to calculate enps

How to Improve enps Tracking 

Below we discuss a few tips to help you maximize your eNPS:

Measure Consistently and Regularly 

eNPS is a critical metric to measure employees’ chances of referring your business, but one study is insufficient. Business owners are advised to compare and track their eNPS over time for more accurate results. 

The best way is to conduct regular quarterly intervals, which inform you about the events that have affected your score. 

Include a Question 

eNPS is essential, but it does not inform business owners why their staff has given a particular store to the company, only if you include an additional question. Remember, this question should be open-minded and brief for accurate results. 

For instance, you can ask why they gave the score and what they can improve in the team. However, it is always advisable to stick to one question to make it easy to complete. 

Ensure Anonymity 

The best way to make your staff answer the questions honestly is by informing them it is entirely anonymous. Remember, your staff might give a false rating if they assume their name will be attached to their score. 

This, in turn, affects your survey’s results and can cause a false impression of your company. 

Communicate Results and Be Honest 

Business owners should be honest with their staff regarding the tests’ results to give accurate feedback. This move shows customers that a business owner is willing to receive employee feedback and focus on improving. 

Send Reminders 

eNPS surveys are easy and quick to complete, and they get better responses than others without incorporating reminders. However, it would help if you considered sending reminders, as they might maximize your chances significantly. 

How to Enhance Your eNPS Score 

Below we discuss how to improve your eNPS score;

Use eNPS Tools

As stated above, employee results are anonymous, but the eNPS might hide specific findings and show differences depending on location, department, and demographics. 

Take More Employee Feedback

Business owners can receive a more profound insight into their staff satisfaction through interviews and follow-up surveys. Besides taking more employee feedback, business owners should be transparent with their results for accurate surveys.

Final Thoughts 

eNPS is a metric that shows how likely your employees are to recommend your company to clients. This metric is being used rampantly today, and it is hard not to see why. The above article has discussed everything you need to know about eNPS; more information is available online.