The Best Methods To Improve Your English Skills


5 Practical Methods To Boost Advanced English Learners To Fluent Speakers

Getting advanced-level English can be pretty challenging. There is a thing called an intermediate plateau, which many students face. It happens when you reach an intermediate level in your target language. Then you don’t see drastic progress and change in your level like you did before when you were just a beginner. This intermediate plateau can be a great hurdle on your way to fluency, as it demotivates you from continuing working.

When you want to take any English language proficiency exam, like TOEFL or IELTS, you need to learn advanced English. These tests seem straightforward; however, you’re required to learn how to write and speak in an eloquent manner using complex words. And it doesn’t come easily. To succeed in your learning and overcome the intermediate plateau, you’ll need to put a lot of effort into learning English. And here are some of the best practices to help you boost your English language skills quickly.

Use language learning platforms to have conversations in English

Listening and writing down new words is very helpful, but it’s not enough. For better results, you need to actually use new vocabulary while you speak. This will help you to memorize new words much faster and get more comfortable speaking English. There are many language learning platforms, which provide private tutoring with native speakers. On LiveXP, Preply, or Italki, you can get a personal tutor, who is an English native speaker.

During your online lessons, you will have a great opportunity to discuss various topics that interest you the most. You can also prepare some topics beforehand using the new words you’ve heard or read somewhere. Verbling is another great online platform, where you can find a native English teacher and have private lessons with interesting discussions.

Improve your pronunciation for advanced fluency

It’s worth working on your pronunciation. There are various YouTube channels, podcasts, guides where you can learn how to pronounce words correctly and which intonation to use in certain situations. Also, try to work on tongue twisters. They are also fun to learn and quite helpful to improve articulation.

You can use language learning platforms, like LiveXP or Preply, and study with native English speakers, who will work with you on your accent, pronunciation, and intonation. It’s one of the most effective ways to improve your language skills and get to advanced fluency faster.

Watch your favorite TV shows in English

When you learn English online by yourself, it’s worth watching your favorite series and TV shows, as you need to immerse yourself in a language. And this is the best way to do it. This practice will not improve your speaking or writing that much, but you will better understand the language, learn more slang, and get used to conversational forms of English. You can search online for lists of series and TV shows that will be good for your current level of English.

If you feel like the show you’re currently watching is too easy, try finding something a bit more complex, so you will have more opportunities to learn something new. You should not choose shows with too complicated language to understand because then you will not get much value from watching them. It’s also worth noting that the more time you’re exposed to a language, for example, binge-watching a few episodes of the show, you will be more likely to start thinking in English.

Write down all new words that you come across while studying

You can take notes and create lists when you encounter a new word. Try to make it a habit – every time you see or hear an unfamiliar word, you write it down. You should not only focus on the word, it’s worth searching for its synonyms and phrases, where it can be used. This practice allows you to expand your vocabulary and be exposed to more complicated words, which are great for learning advanced English.

Expand your vocabulary with language learning apps

Language learning apps, such as Quizlet, Anki, Memrise are great options to learn useful vocabulary on the go. You can download these apps to your phone and go through prepared lists of words as you’re commuting to your school or work. As mentioned before, expanding your vocabulary is a must when you try to get to advanced fluency in English. It’s also very convenient to have all words in one place, so you can do revisions any time you have a free minute. You can also combine this practice with the previous one and put new words directly into an app.