The Benefits of Pursuing a Bachelor of Design Degree


With a significant growth rate of nearly 3%, according to sources, the Indian Design Industry is looking for incredible designers who can significantly advance the field. In this situation, a bachelor’s degree in design is one of the best courses that enable people to gain the abilities necessary for a profession in the field.

Continue reading as we discuss the many benefits of earning this degree from the BDes colleges in India and the remarkable factors of pursuing a profession with this degree.

Know about a Bachelor of Design

B.Des is a recognised degree in the field of design, available in many specialties including Transdisciplinary Design, Moving Image, Sustainable Fashion, and Textile Design, etc. However, the leading BDes colleges in Ahmedabad, like the Anant National University, expose their students to the design profession through internships, occasions, and exhibitions that are held both domestically and abroad. Some essentials regarding its BDes Programme are:

Degree Type Undergraduate
Course Duration 4 years
Eligibility Criteria
  • Complete class XII or equivalent from any stream.
  • Obtain a minimum grade of 50% in the 10+2 level exam or its equivalent from an accredited educational board.
  • Sit for the AnantU Design Entrance Test (DET)
Average Course Fee Ranges between INR 3.5 to 7 LPA or above
Placement Partners Open Spaces Design Studio, INI Design Studio, HCP Design and Project Management, Cars24, Barsys, Larsen and Toubro, etc.

Benefits of Getting a Bachelor’s in Design Degree

The BDes curriculum, as we all know, centres around a wide range of ideas, and so the BDes colleges in India spare no effort to foster their students’ creative vision. Here are a few factors that illustrate why earning this degree is important:

Challenging Projects & Curriculum

Numerous difficult and creatively demanding projects will be included in the curriculum of various design courses. Furthermore, these exercises usually put a larger range of talents to the test and offer a great chance to improve your abilities. Additionally, working on these projects will help you hone certain essential abilities like patience, technical know-how, and creativity. These projects will also help you build connection strategies with various clients. Also, given that the design business is a flourishing one, enrolling in one of the bachelor of design colleges in Ahmedabad shall equip pupils with the tools they need to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Significant Networking Opportunities

Prospective students get the chance to work with people who have varying levels of ability and competence, which is one of the main advantages of enrolling in a design study curriculum. Additionally, this enables the growth of important knowledge, abilities, and comprehensive exposure to the sector’s workings. The majority of design courses, however, allow participants to complete mandatory internships with reputable companies. Aspirants also have a fantastic opportunity to pick up a wide range of useful skills that will come in handy when working in the corporate sector.

Ability to Professionally Use Your Creativity

Students can push the limits of their imagination and creativity by enrolling in a top bachelor of design college, which gives them the freedom to produce innovative and ground-breaking plans and designs. The designing industry is never static, thus choosing a degree in these areas enables a student to take part in the everyday operations of the industry. Also, as fresh approaches, patterns, and imaginative ideas are consistently added to the pool, students continue to grow and master new abilities.

Business Opportunities

A person’s credentials in design might reveal their sense of creativity as well as inventiveness, and one of the best advantages of taking a design education is the wealth of business opportunities it offers hopefuls. And in this regard, the B Des colleges in Gujarat attempt to give aspirants a strong foundation on which to establish their businesses and carve out a niche for themselves in this cutthroat and fast-paced sector.

What advantages might be working in the design sector provide?

If you are considering a job in the design sector, you must possess the requisite vision, creative flair, and theoretical knowledge. However, despite the demands and extreme strain of the workplace, there are a lot of advantages to pursuing a career in this field. Here are a few of those fantastic benefits:

Excellent Creative Freedom

Design jobs are ideal for artists and creative people, so the BDes Colleges in India provide professionals with the necessary skills with unequalled levels of creative freedom and expression space. Additionally, among those seeking to advance their creative careers, designers are the most sought-after. Nevertheless, these experts frequently have to think outside the box and develop original, creative ideas.

Wide Range of Specializations

The diversity of specialisations accessible to people desiring to enter the trade is one advantage of design education. Also, opportunities are limitless after graduating from a top Bachelor of Design university, because it enables professionals to select the specialisations that are most compatible with their interests and abilities. Additionally, the financial incentive motivates applicants to apply all of their creativity to the selected industry.

High Level of Job Satisfaction

The ultimate source of fulfilment is seeking the realisation of your labours and efforts. However, design is a terrific career for individuals to consider due to the significant financial and emotional incentives. Moreover, many aspiring applicants pursue this line of work due to the high level of job satisfaction associated with it.

Be Your Boss

If a traditional 9 to 5 work does not interest you, design can be the best career choice. However, most designers desire to work for themselves, taking on clients and striving to meet their high standards. A lot of freedom and autonomy are also offered by working for yourself and choosing the employers you wish to work for. Additionally, you will receive all the training necessary to be your boss by studying at the BDes Colleges in India.

Best B.Des University in India

The Anant National University is one of the top designx universities in India, cultivating designers with technical proficiency, a comprehensive awareness of the context, effective communication, and innovative thinking abilities. The highlights of this university include:

  • Typically, the B.Des curricula offered here follow a non-graded, multi-disciplinary curriculum.
  • It consists of elite faculty members who are always implementing innovative teaching and learning strategies for the benefit of the students.
  • This design X institute offers a wide range of services, including hostel accommodations, exhibition spaces, well-equipped laboratories, libraries, gyms, and sports facilities, among others.


To Wrap Up

A Bachelor of Design degree aids students in increasing their level of proficiency in the designing sector, and the leading BDes colleges in India sharpen and improve a student’s skill set while also giving them a complete understanding of the industry. Furthermore, this discipline gives you a variety of possibilities, both in terms of work and higher studies.


Which career profiles are available to those with a BDes degree?

Getting a degree from the best BDes colleges in India will qualify you to pursue careers as a product designer, fashion designer, textile designer, communication designer, etc. Additionally, the starting pay for a design graduate in India ranges from 1.1 to 2 LPA, but with expertise, it can reach up to INR 16 LPA.

What fundamental concepts can you learn in a BDes course?

Five components—alignment, repetition, contrast, hierarchy, and balance—combine to form the Design Principles. Additionally, because these are employed in every design project of professionals, design students will learn about these characteristics in their academic curricula.

What effect will taking a design course have in the future?

Designers can reshape the environment and foresee the future. In addition, design can be found in everything we see, touch, and feel. And, while creativity may come to mind when considering design, this discipline has a wide range of applications in the future that need a multidisciplinary education.

Is the design industry stable?

Yes, it is possible to have a secure and fruitful career in the design industry with the correct talents, portfolio, and adaptability. The top BDes colleges in India additionally provide enhanced training and guidance to help students land jobs at reputable organisations both domestically and internationally.