Sulur: The Twin City of Coimbatore

The second largest city in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is home to some of the most scenic wonders of nature. And one such wonder is Sulur, a quaint town located 21 Km from Coimbatore. Tucked away from the congestion and chaos of the bustling city, this hidden treasure is a scenic paradise in itself. One can easily book a car rental in Coimbatore and travel to Sulur.

Sulur is not very popular among tourists, which has helped the town escape from the ills of urbanisation and maintain its natural charm over the decades.

A perfect summer retreat

Tagged as the twin city of Coimbatore, Sulur extends an allure that is unique and awe-inspiring. A quick trip to Sulur promises an offbeat yet peaceful family vacation. While surfing for a perfect destination for summer holidays, one might stumble upon this quintessential summer retreat, hardly a 30 minutes drive from Coimbatore.

As you drive down from Coimbatore to Sulur, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the beauty of nature with all its hues. With winding roads, gurgling waterfalls, and enchanting greenery, each bend of the road offers breathtaking views.

Sulur is widely known for its ancient temples that boast infuriating designs and artistic brilliance. You can visit Perumal Kovil, Vaitheeswaran Kovil, and Maha kaliamman Kovil temple in Sulur. Of all the temples, Vaitheeswarar temple is the most beautiful. The ancient temple is located between two tanks, and the Noyyal river flows in the vicinity.

Another major attraction of Sulur is the Indian Air Force station. This Air Force base is the second largest in the country after the Hindon Air Force station. Being a restricted area, you cannot see it properly, but you can drive past the boundaries of this massive Air Force Station sprawling over an expansive land parcel.

From picturesque sights and natural splendours to ancient temples exemplifying architectural brilliance, Sulur offers a perfect weekend getaway for the ones looking to escape from the city chaos.

Sulur Lake – A must-visit place

Sulur lake is an ideal place to unwind and relax. Spend a whole day on the lakeside while savouring local cuisine that complements your hot cup of tea. The people of Sulur are extremely hospitable and if you are lucky, you can get an opportunity to interact with some of them.

Enjoy a boat ride on Sulur Lake. The whiff of fresh breeze and the tranquil sound of resting lake water will leave your hearts and souls mesmerised by its ethereal beauty.

Respite from the chaos

The most unique feature of this destination is its quietude. Adding to that, an ample dose of scenic vistas makes it a complete holiday package on your hands. Sulur, a lesser visited town, does not bother you with a hundred attractions or an itinerary loaded with ‘must-try’ things. It simply offers an unbridled natural beauty where you can indulge in a calming and rejuvenating experience. So, if your idea of a holiday is doing nothing but immersing in some laid-back vibes, this is your best bet!

Planning a trip to Sulur for vacation doesn’t demand much. Book a taxi in Coimbatore and get going! The best part is that the place is not brimming with a lot of tourists. So, if you are looking for a soul-soothing quiet experience, now you know where to head to.