Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

Car accidents are already traumatizing enough – you can end up with serious injuries and a damaged car. A truck accident is more severe and requires a lot of commitment from your personal injury lawyer to get your compensation.

“The majority of injuries and fatalities in truck accidents are the occupants of other smaller vehicles at 71 percent followed by the truck occupants at 17 percent.”

Due to their sheer weight, trucks can cause serious injuries and damage even when moving at a low speed. Victims that survive such accidents are usually left with life-changing injuries.

Imagine being involved in a truck accident; what do you do next?

Dial 911

After an accident, all you pray for is things to get under control. Calling 911 helps you to get things under control faster. Accidents attract crowds, and you never know each person’s intention in the accident. Some are there to assist, while others might have wrong intentions.

Calling 911 makes sure emergency medical personnel get to the site fast, and also the police to come and handle the situation. Without prompt medication, your injuries might get worse.

The police are a vital component of any accident scene. They come to speak to you, the witnesses, the truck driver, and any other person that can give relevant information. They use this information to come up with a police report that can help you prove negligence.

Gather Evidence

Use your phone to take photos and record videos of the scene of the accident. If you have been severely injured, you can ask a friend to take the pictures on your behalf.

Taking photos and videos of the scene of the accident helps you document the events that happened. Make sure you capture everything at the scene, including the surroundings and buildings. Don’t forget to take pictures of your injuries because this helps the Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer show their severity and the impact they have on your life.

Ask the Truck Driver for Information

Well, this might not be as easy as you think because once the truck driver knows that he is at fault, he might refuse to give you the information you require. Exchanging information is crucial for any truck accident, especially when you consider that blame might fall on both the driver and the truck owner.

Ask for the names, phone numbers, and addresses of the truck driver, his insurance information, and employer info. The truck accident lawyer in Bakersfield, or the lawyer in your location, might need these details and information to help you file for compensation.

If the truck driver refuses to give you information, you can ask the police to get it for you.

Talk to Witnesses

If you are in a position to do so, speak to the witnesses to understand what they saw. They can help you fill in the gaps where you are unsure of what happened, especially the few seconds before the accident.

Even though the police will speak to the witnesses to find out what really happened, you also need to do so. Don’t forget to take their contacts to get more information later on.

Visit Your Doctor

Even if you get emergency treatment at the scene, it is advisable to see your doctor as soon as possible because no other person knows your body better than him.

The doctor’s notes and medical records are vital pieces of evidence when it comes to corroborating your story. The records show how your body was transformed after the accident and the treatment procedures you have undergone. These give an idea of why you need to be compensated and how much you ought to receive.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

When you get injured in a truck accident, it is a good idea to work with a lawyer all through the process. The longer you hesitate, the more likely your evidence gets tampered with, and witnesses forget what they saw.

Your lawyer has your best interests in mind and will ensure you get a fair settlement for your injuries and other losses.